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The Southern belle is a little inexperienced in the cooking department as well. Hannah confessed she’s never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, doesn’t know how to cook eggs and loves chicken livers. 

Although she likes peanut butter, jelly and bread separately, her mom never made her PB&Js growing up and now she just keeps the trend going as a quirk.

“I’ve lived so much life now that it’s just kind of a fun fact. … I won’t stop now,” she said. “Uncrustables actually look really gross. … I’d be like, ‘Why is this a thing? My mom’s made me a gourmet turkey sandwich that she cut out with a heart.'” 

The former Miss Alabama USA winner hopes a guy in her life can make up for her naiveté when it comes to eggs. “If somebody asked me to cook them eggs, I would refuse because they’re not good,” Hannah said. “I just need to find somebody who will cook me eggs.”

She also needs a man that can make her favorite dish—fried chicken livers—preferably with gravy or ketchup: “Everything tastes better with ketchup.”

So how’s Tyler Cameron in the kitchen? The pair sparked dating rumors after reuniting in Florida in March.

A source told E! News they were “not in a position to date” back then, and Hannah reassured fans she was single in May. “I feel like right now in quarantine’s not the best time to try to date, but I feel like I am in a place where I’m ready to do that—to test the waters a little bit,” she said. 

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