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People love dogs on the internet and this infatuation with the furry friends can actually help you find love. But only if you have the right dog for it.

Some breeds of dogs can help attract romantic interest more than others. In a correlation study, researchers tried to evaluate if having a dog on your online dating profile helped you get picked by a potential partner.

They carried out the experiment on various dating apps. The researchers posted pictures of both men and women with a variety of dogs with them as profile images. Then they analysed the basic stats, depending on the app’s algorithm, on how many got “likes” or “swipes” and so on. They came to a conclusion that there was a pattern in these likes and that certain breeds helped attract romantic interest more. The study was carried out by Canine Cottages, a dog friendly holiday company in the United Kingdom.

“Adding a photo of a dog can be a great idea if you want to be successful at dating. It provides an instant icebreaker and makes it easy for someone to start a conversation,” said James Preece, dating expert to Daily Mail. Having a bond with a dog can show that a person has many positive qualities like kindness and empathy. A friendly dog in the photo can be an indicator that a person is nice, he added.

People with dogs often trust their dog’s like or dislike towards a person when judging someone. They often say if their dog likes them, they must be a good person, or vice versa. Similarly, if the photos portray that the dating candidate is liked by their dog, or any dog in general, they can assume the person is generally likeable and nice to other people as well, Preece said.

As for the result of the study, they observed that women mostly preferred men with Staffordshire bull terrier. After Staffies, Jack Russells was second in getting the greatest number of likes. As for the men, they preferred to swipe on a woman who had chihuahuas or mixed breed dogs. Other liked dogs were Labradors and cockapoos. However, it should be noted that the study was conducted only between heterosexual men and women and was limited to UK. The correlation is strong, but generally dog breed preferences vary geographically.

But whether the breed is Labrador or an indie pup, it is generally observed that people with dogs on their dating app profiles do quite better with other dog lovers.

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