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AEW star Britt Baker has revealed that she and WWE’s Adam Cole met on an online dating app.

During her interview with Chris Van Vliet, Baker said that both logged onto Bumble, but that she didn’t really know who he was at first. Cole was using his real name Austin (obviously – it’d be a bit weird if pro wrestlers signed up for real-world apps as their characters, bay-bay) and Britt didn’t put two-and-two together at first even though she’d watched him wrestle in ROH before.

When it clicked, it clicked.

Baker was in Pennsylvania for a dental school conference when she logged onto the app and they started chatting. She joked she was “hesitant” to go on a date with him because of the !*$% heel he was playing on television, but that’s not why it took them a while to meet up.

Cole was working in Japan for a while afterwards, and the pair didn’t have their first date until he returned from touring. Now, the couple live in Orlando together.

So, there you go. Even pro wrestling power couples meet on dating apps.

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