#onlinedating | How Does Hinge Work? And Why It’s One Of The Best Dating Apps For Relationships


Hinge is meant for finding a real relationship, not just a hookup.

By Balim Tezel

I grew up watching romantic comedies, thinking that, one day, I was going to meet my prince charming in a very cute way, be serenaded, or chased in the airport, and live happily ever after.

But, then I grew up.

Once I started college, everything was different.

I was introduced to hookup culture, which meant that my expectations of going on a real sit-down date kind of disappeared.

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I started expecting more dance floor makeouts than real connections and for a while, this lifestyle became the norm.

It wasn’t until I graduated and moved to New York that I decided to start fresh.

I wanted to explore my new city and meet interesting people, so I downloaded Hinge.

Hinge is the app that’s ‘designed to be deleted’,meaning they want you to find true love and stop using the app.

And unlike Tinder, Hinge is not made for swiping left and right to see who you can hook up with that day (even though I know Tinder is built for a lot more than that).

For me, Hinge seemed more personal and I liked building a profile and answering prompts about myself.

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