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Social distancing has been the immediate resolution implemented by most countries affected by Coronavirus. With the daily increase of confirmed cases throughout the globe, it has been a trending topic not only on social media but on dating platforms too. Daters are becoming more conscious of being more intimate following the World Health Organization’s call for social distancing. 

With the mandate to stay at home, whether for self-quarantine purposes or not, online daters have found more time to spend on their dating apps. According to OKCupid, 95% of their users are still willing to meet up even though the count of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to rise. 

Perks of Virtual Dating

Say Allo, another dating app, observed an increase of 350% in their apps’s video date feature. This is especially observed in cities like Denver, New York and Los Angeles where new cases were found. They believe that video dating has opened another avenue for lovers to take their relationship up a notch. 

Other dating platforms, such us JWed, are thinking of creating additional features on top of the video date. They want to make sure that at this time, where social distancing is a top priority, online daters can still have real-life dating experience. 

These initiatives from different platforms make dating possible especially for those who do not want to risk their health and safety during a meetup. 

Dating in General 

Based on the data shared by US News and World Report, 92% of Americans are dating normally despite the risk of getting infected by the virus. It is a fact that human communication is vital especially for days like this. People still want to talk to each other and finding a lifetime partner in this time of pandemic will just make one’s love story more interesting. 

Moreso, the current situation that the world is in would only force people to get to know each other better online than in person. It enhances the chance that an online dater will find a suitable match for him or her rather than meeting up just because you both swiped right. 

Actions from Dating Apps

Dating apps made adjustments in response to the alarming count of COVID-19. Tinder cancelled their swipe night event which was supposed to be launched last weekend. They also interrupt your swiping from time to time to remind you about social distancing and other health measures. Lex, a Queer focused app, also reminds its users to watch hands while enjoying one’s own home. 

OkCupid, on the other hand, goes further by asking their users a question, “Does Coronavirus affect your dating life?”. According to OkCupid’s Global Communications Manager, Michael Kaye, by responding to certain questions, it helps them match the online daters better.  

Online dating may be the best resort for people looking for love at this point. Dating in person will only increase your chance of getting infected as you would most likely hold hands, and kiss. World Health Officials have suggested other means of greeting such as waving and bowing as everyone is encouraged to adhere to social distancing. 

Hey, how can you go wrong by swiping right?

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