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Being single doesn’t necessarily mean having no sex until you find a partner. With all the options available around, it’s easy to enjoy an orgasmic delight anytime you want. Watch the best porn, use the handy automilker, or find somebody to spend a night with.

But don’t be hasty. Meaning, carefully make your way towards fantastic experiences while avoiding nasty consequences. You don’t want to end up with STD or misbehaving partners, do you?

Thus, read these friendly reminders to keep yourself on the right and pleasurable track.

Buy the Automilker or some Other Handy Sex Toys

Great for people who don’t want real partners yet. Or those who have no time to hookup because of a busy lifestyle.

Sex toys keep your fire burning even without a pair. It also pumps endorphin and dopamine, which are the happy hormones of your body. These hormones help relieve stress, as well as help you sleep better at night.

And to get the best experience from sex toys, there are a couple of tips to consider. 

Buy Quality Sex Toys that Suit You

Want to shop for sex toys? Your sexual preference is just the first point to think about.

Other important factors include the quality, functionality, and convenience of the product. These help you avoid cheap sex toys that may hurt you while in use. The best options also seamlessly bring you to fantastic orgasms. 

Use It along with Other Stimulants

Yes, having one or a few sex toys is already pleasurable, but using them along with other stimulants is certainly mind-blowing. You can watch porn, read erotic stories, or even try phone sex with a long-distance partner. Some couples even use sex toys when having an intimate time with each other.

Although you may enjoy sex toys without additional stimulants as well, that’s completely fine, especially when you feel those stuff cause disturbance to your solitude.

Find Hookups

One great thing about being single is that you can hook up as much as you want. That is without worrying about hurting somebody. And here are some of the best ideas for you to find one or a few.

Bars and Parties

These are probably some of the best options if you want to get laid. Bars, clubs, and parties always have sexually active singles you can flirt with. Some parties are even organized solely for some steamy enjoyment, and you can join one when you get an invitation.

Online Dating Apps

Of course, you can’t miss dating apps from this list. It makes hooking up easier since you can use these platforms anytime. Online dating apps also have plenty of features that help you get the best pair for the night. Just grab your smartphone, choose a dating site, sign-up for an account, tinker with your profile, and start your search.

Try Your Friends

Remember that “friends with benefits” is an actual term for not-so-platonic bonds between friends. And you can think about it as well. 

The thing is, hopping on an FWB relationship isn’t easy. It would help if you found a friend who is willing to engage in such bonds with you.

Of course, you cannot just ask around your circle of friends. It would be best if you were observant and discrete. Then, grab the chance when you spot some signs.

And when you finally find the right soul, you must draw the line of not involving any romantic attachment while enjoying casual encounters. Although, ending up being a couple is an idea you can think about if you both wish to.

Now, what if your sexual relationship comes to an end?

Yes, the dissolution of your friendship is a possible risk. But a 2013 study by Jesse Owen, department chair of the Counseling Psychology Department of the University of Denver, assures you not to worry. The study involves 190 males and 189 females who have engaged in an FWB relationship. It shows that 80% of them enjoyed platonic relationships after being FWBs, and 50% say they have become closer to their former FWB partners.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Safety is always a part of enjoyable sex life. You do not wish to contract sexually transmitted diseases or end up with an ill-intentioned person while hooking up.

Keep these reminders in mind to stay safe while having a great time.

Choose Trusty Venues for Finding Hookups

Although it’s exhilarating to flirt with strangers, do not recklessly do it whenever possible. Do it in the right venue, such as in legal bars or clubs. Be sure to do it at parties with organizers that you trust as well. Moreover, choose reputable online dating sites, and avoid those that tolerate fake accounts.


Patience is a virtue. That goes when hooking up too. Thus, take time in knowing a potential partner. Yes, it is common for people to rush things up, but it puts you at significant risks since you do not know the person you’re going with. And you can avoid such risks by simply talking with the person some more.

Being single certainly doesn’t leave you with no sex to enjoy. There are many options around. And they’re all yours to have a great time as long as you’d keep yourself safe.

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