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The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused enormous damage across the world which will take decades to repair. Loss of life, debilitating illness and huge employment will leave a legacy which will make 2020 a year that no one wants to remember. One consequence of Covid-19 that is not often discussed is the impact it has had on people’s love lives. Couples have found themselves split up by travel restrictions and major lockdowns have hugely limited the potential for dating. But love is a powerful force and romance always finds a way. Hopeful romantics have had to think outside the box in order to woo potential partners. 

To help everyone out there who is looking for love during this difficult time, here is how to find a date in the midst of a pandemic.

1. Sign up for Local Dating Sites

The world of dating has changed over the past decade, and one of the biggest changes has come with the advent of online dating sites. These days, more than 50% of new relationships are between two people who have met online. There are dating websites with millions of members to connect with as well as more specialized sites which enable you to meet like-minded people. This makes it easier to instantly connect with potential partners who have shared interests, the same sexual orientation or comparable life experiences. These days there are websites for men seeking men, women seeking women, older people seeking younger people, and anything else you can think ok. Dating sites are ideal during a pandemic as you don’t have to go out in public to meet potential dates and can get to know each other through online chat before making the decision to meet.

2. Have a Swipe on Tinder

Where dating sites blazed the trail, dating apps have emerged as the most popular way for younger people to meet potential partners. The concept of Tinder and other similar dating apps is very similar. After signing up, users have a library of other users to look through, and when they are interested in a person, they swipe right, and when they’re not interested, they swipe left. If you swipe right on a user and they have also swiped right on you then you will match and can start chatting. People use dating apps for everything from meeting serious long-term partners to connecting with new friends. Like dating sites, Tinder and other apps provide the opportunity to meet new people and set up dates from the comfort and safety of your home.

3. Take a Friendship to the Next Level

Speaking of friends, one way that many relationships have blossomed during this pandemic has been people taking friendships to a different level. Without the opportunity to meet new people, friends, roommates, and work colleagues have been spending more time together, and many have found a spark that they previously haven’t noticed. Far too many people worry about being in the “friend zone”, but the best relationships are always between friends. At the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy spending time and hanging out with your partner, it is always going to be difficult to make a relationship work long-term. There are so many successful relationships that have blossomed out of friendships where both partners wish they had taken the next step years before.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors

In the past, everybody knew their neighbors but this has changed in recent years. With major lockdowns and travel restrictions being placed on people in countries all around the world, many people have found themselves unable to leave their apartment buildings or local neighborhoods. This has seen more people getting to know their neighbors which has created many opportunities for new romances to blossom with someone who lives right next door. Whilst there are very few positives which have come from the Covid-19 Pandemic, more neighborly love (and romance) is certainly one of them. Take this opportunity to knock on your next door neighbor’s door and ask for a cup of sugar, and you never know what the result might be.

Covid-19 has thrown up some unique challenges and it will take a huge, global effort to overcome them. Whilst the effect on health and the world’s economy are no doubt the biggest consequences of this terrible disease, the impact it has had on romance has been truly heartbreaking. Whilst it is not as easy as it was pre-virus to meet the love of your life, there are still some great opportunities for dating. Follow this guide and the next person you meet may end up being the person you spend the rest of your life with.

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