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The novel coronavirus has changed a lot about how we conduct our lives. It has changed everything from how our kids go to school and how we go to work to how we meet people in the first place. With states only just beginning to come out of lock down, meeting new people face to face is rather unlikely.

So how do you date during a pandemic? It’s still possible to meet someone new. Here are just a couple of ways you can still find Mr. Right, even when you have to stay at least six feet apart.

Embrace online dating

Dating apps and websites have become much more popular during the pandemic. You can’t catch a virus through a screen, so trying your luck on an app is one of the safest possible ways to meet someone right now. If you don’t have a date at all, this is the best possible time to start online dating, as there are plenty of people trying these apps right now.

Try a quarantine date

Use FaceTime and other video apps to spend time with the special someone you already have, and stay connected during these times. You can still watch a movie together or have a romantic dinner, even if you’re not physically present with each other.

Help your long term boyfriend or girlfriend digitally

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while but can’t visit due to the virus, you can still show that person you care. Try writing them letters, or do something constructive for them like do their grocery shopping for them online, critique the paper they want to submit, etc.

 Whether you are looking for love, just started dating, or have been dating a long time, the coronavirus has probably made some changes in your dating life. These tips can help make it easier, one day at a time.


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