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Quarantine—a word that musters up feelings of frustration and hatred. Of the extensive number of events and things that the coronavirus has interfered with, the dating scene is one of the most notable. Singles are stuck at home in quarantine, mindlessly scrolling through their various social media applications. Many of these people are eager to talk to someone, even if it may just be for a distraction. Couples, too, scramble to find ways to stay connected with FaceTime or Netflix Party. People are undoubtedly eager for attention.

As irksome as it is that social areas have shut down as a result of the virus, there are some people who have become more reliant on virtual dating sites. Some people now use dating platforms as well as video calls to connect with people.

In a Poosh article titled “Dating During the Quarantine,” dating coach Claire Byrne suggested ways in which people could go about relationships and dating while on lockdown. She emphasized how strange this situation is for people who are already in a relationship or who wish to be in one.

According to Byrne, young adults are more eager now to get attention and to establish a connection with someone. She insisted that now is the best time to meet people and develop genuine connections.

“Move past the awkwardness of phone conversations or FaceTime-ing,” Byrne said. “If you make a great connection with someone, who cares if you have to wait a couple of months to meet?”

While a lot of young adults doubt that any kind of dating life is viable right now since they cannot physically see anyone, Byrne claimed that people need to identify what it is they want in a significant other, and they need to act sooner rather than later.

“Don’t let this pandemic be an excuse to hold back and not be clear about what you’re looking for. Let it be an opportunity to recognize yet again, that life is too short,” Byrne said. “Don’t be afraid to be your most authentic self in not just your love life, but ALL areas of your life.”

Byrne’s encouragement of online dating demonstrates the ways in which people can maintain their social lives even while in quarantine.

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