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If you thought it’s just us Indians who are obsessed with matching kundalis and horoscopes while trying to find a life partner, then you are in for a surprise! It seems, the Netflix show ‘Indian Matchmaking’ has had quite an influence in the US, so much so that some people have come up with a new Astro-matchmaking app! Also Read – Love in Times of Corona Gives Rise to Online Romance Scams as Dating Apps Multiply

Yes! A dating app called Struck has been launched in some parts of the US, which has a star-alignment as its main feature.

This app asks for your location, date, and time of your birth and makes a chart following which it finds potential matches. Further, it goes on to ask you to choose the five traits among those associated with your birth chart (both negative and positive) that you think best identify you.

The aim of the app is to get a person to meet someone suitable for them, according to the placement of the planets and stars.

Check it out here:

The app has been developed by former Apple engineers Alex Calkins and Rachel Lo in consultation with astrologer Nadine Jane.

This app uses a mathematical point in your birth chart determined by the position of the Sun, Moon, and Earth when you were born which represents how you grow over time.

“There’s much more to a person’s chart than just their Sun sign—we have their Moon sign, which encompasses our deeper self, and our Rising sign, which is our first impression. Basically, the algorithm takes all of your personal planets, as well as your outer planets, and registers the aspects—that’s the question of, ‘How is this planet talking to this other planet? Are they in harmony or are they in discord?” Nadine Jane told Cosmopolitan.

Unlike other dating apps, Struck will present you with only four matches in a single day and of those four, you’ll only be able to message one person.

“We’re not like other dating apps that leave you with a seemingly endless pool of candidates to sift through. By mapping compatibility with each user’s unique natal chart, we help you narrow down the field of candidates to a smaller — but higher-quality — group right off the bat. By having just a small number of chats per day, we’re hoping you’ll slow down and put more thought into the conversations you do have,” the founders explain on the Struck site.

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