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Though 2020 has undoubtedly been a year of tests and trials, one thing the pandemic has revealed over the past year is the universal desire for love and companionship. Eager to meet someone new, many Americans have sought to find relationships online and through dating apps in this new normal of social distancing. This year, with the recent uptick in online dating, the use of dating apps has gone up 18.4% since 2019. But despite the increase of dating app users, still, love remains elusive. But one Los Angeles based dating and love expert is set on revolutionizing the dating scene with a newly developed elite dating app along with her years of extensive relationship counseling and guidance. Introducing Dr. Elena Eustache.

Though she’s been known for her star-studded clientele that includes celebrities, NFL players and even royalty, recently, Dr. Eustache has been focused on the development of her new dating app, Love the App. These days, while dating apps are intended to facilitate healthy relationships, it seems they are used more often than not as a platform for perpetuating hook culture and finding fast sex. Dr. Eustache’s new dating app offers something completely new and unparalleled. Users that register for Love the App will be required to list what they’re looking to gain from the dating app. So whether looking for a committed relationship, marriage or marriage with children, Love the App makes all intentions clear and upfront, unlike other competing apps. Users also have the option to select private one-on-one matchmaking services from Dr. Eustache. 

While a dating app like this might seem unprecedented, it comes after Dr. Eustache’s years of experience, guiding and advising people in their love lives and personal struggles through her Eustache Institute in Los Angeles. With services that range from relationship therapy to behavioral therapy to neurofeedback therapy and more, Dr. Eustache has helped thousands through couples counseling as well as individuals through one-on-one therapy sessions. 

In addition, Dr. Eustache is excited to announce the release of her latest book, How to Be Feminine, coming out in January 2021. The book is a guide for the modern day professional woman as they navigate the dating world. Dr. Eustache focuses on helping women re-learn the art of femininity and boundary setting in the dating world. 

To learn more about Dr. Elena Eustache and -her latest projects, Love the App and more, visit her website. And be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with upcoming projects and developments. 

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