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Dating apps are taking COVID-19 seriously, so how can you stay safe and still meet someone new?

With the enormous growth of dating app use, I’ve always told singles to move the relationship from online to meeting IRL as soon as possible. However, that strategy needs to be reevaluated with the coronavirus.

Know that all of us in the dating industry take dating safety seriously, especially given so many people’s fear of the unknown path the coronavirus is on, as well as the CDC’s advice to practice “social distancing.”

Several dating apps, including Tinder, have provided in-app pop-ups with safety measures, along with a link to the World Health Organization (WHO) and recommended steps singles can take to stay safe, such as washing their hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding large crowds.

With COVID-19 top of mind, how does it change the dating landscape? Can you catch the Coronavirus from kissing or having sex?

For starters, many locations for dates have shut down. From sporting events to concerts and museums, the number of spots ideal for dating has diminished. And yes, you can catch the virus from kissing, as the main way COVID-19 is transmitted is through respiratory droplets, which make their way from infected individuals into the mouth or nose of someone nearby.

Add this information to the equation of meeting someone new for a first date, and suddenly it doesn’t sound so sexy when you’re worrying your date might show up sniffling and you don’t even have a history with this person.

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