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If you’re single and looking for a partner, downloading a dating app seems like the obvious place to start. You can browse profiles and compare compatibility – do they like dogs and long walks on the beach? It’s an easy way to filter through singles, bringing you one step closer to your perfect match.

Now, what if we didn’t limit finding a partner to our love lives?

“My vision for Shared Home Ownership is very similar to a dating app, but rather than finding a romantic partner, we’re pairing up potential shared home owners and sellers,” explains David Hale, owner of Shared Home Ownership.

What is Shared Home Ownership?

By taking a house with a legal suite and selling it to two compatible people, couples or families, shared home ownership makes buying a home in Victoria more attainable.

“The average price of homes in the Greater Victoria area is $915,000, which I know falls outside of the budget of many. How do people get into the housing market if they can’t afford these price tags? What I’m proposing is the opportunity to share a house, which quite literally opens a lot more doors for housing opportunities,” notes Hale.

Shared home ownership creates new opportunities for home owners!

How does it work?

By selling a home to two separate parties, it can cut the cost of home ownership in half. As renting sees you paying off someone else’s mortgage, this alternative allows you to create some tenure and build equity.

Similar to dating apps, you choose the financially qualified individual you will partner with. An easy-to-follow templated system helps guide you through the process.

The rules of the partnership are outlined in a tight, enforceable legal agreement drawn out between all parties, ensuring legal rights and interests are protected. Here, you might see common areas designated, such as who gets use of the parking space in the garage. Sections for property expenses, like maintenance and repair, for example, are also included and the amount paid is based on the percentage of ownership.

One mortgage is split proportionately according to the amount of home and land shared, also known as unit entitlement in strata terms.

By matching potential shared home owners with sellers, it’s bringing more opportunities to the table!

Get one step closer to home ownership and visit them online, fill out a Buyer’s Compatibility Matching form or contact them directly today.

David Hale, owner of Shared Home Ownership, and his wife Judy Hale.

David Hale, owner of Shared Home Ownership, and his wife Judy Hale.

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