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I am so disappointed. I just spent thirty minutes trying to write the perfect post about masks (I’m for them) and how Megan is wrong about masks (she’s for them). I worked in how the World Health Organization, as late as March 30, as reported by CNN no less, was telling people that masks were not helpful and could even hurt (another thing they messed up). I worked in a Seinfeld episode when Kramer would not wear the ribbon. I even went down memory lane about how fifth grade teachers would tell you that infractions would be placed in your permanent record, that will follow you the rest of your life, even trying to get a job, much like public health officials speak to us about masks.

And then I somehow lost my post. My perfectly worded post.

Let’s just leave it that I bought 5000 disposable masks in early April, after our office shut down, knowing that we would probably need them later, despite what public health officials, including the Surgeon General and Dr. Fauci, were saying up until then. But, all of a sudden, masks were a thing and people started yelling at each other. And Megan led the Twitter charge to that end.

But I guess I was most disappointed that Jonah, not wanting to be rude to his guest, I suppose, let Megan get by with the “systemic racism” charge. It was gratuitous for the discussion and detracted from the argument, and deserved being challenged on the merits.

Oh, if I had just drafted my perfectly worded post on Word with autosave, it would have been beautiful.

I’m sure that Megan is Jonah’s friend, and I am absolutely certain that she is lovely, just like A.B., and she interested me in her earlier The Remnant appearance, but she is a self-described COVID bully, and I applaud her self-awareness. I also hope Part Two is better. I don’t know if I remember a worse episode than Part One. I’m a huge fan of the podcast, the writings, and this overall endeavor. Thank you.

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