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Looking to stars and matching horoscopes has been the go-to traditional method of matchmaking in India since forever. But even in the world of online dating, zodiac does play a major role, data released by dating app Tinder reveals. According to a statement from the app, astrological signs reign supreme on Tinder, where zodiac identifiers consistently rank as a top profile feature. From checking their horoscopes for fun to basing their pandemic decisions on the discourse of stars, there is no denying the influence of zodiacs on Gen Z.
The data gives insights on interesting swiping and matching behaviour on the app based on zodiac. For instance, not only are Leos most likely to swipe right, and they also have the highest swipe volume of all signs, they are most likely to shout their sign from the rooftops. At the other end of the spectrum are Capricorns, who are least likely to put their sign in their bio. Similarly, Gemini use more photos in their profile on an average and are the most likely to use nine photos (the maximum number permissible), while Tauruses are one of the top signs to include both ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ in their bio.

Interestingly, the data also reveals the most signs are not likely to match with someone from their own sign. The notable exception here are Tauruses.

Interesting facts about zodiac signs’ behaviour on a dating app:
– Cancers are the least active on the app and hardest to match with

– Virgos are least likely to include nine photos in their profile

– Even though Scorpios have the second-highest swipe rate, they take among the longest to respond to a message

– Sagittarius move quickly from match to first message

– Pisces are the slowest sign to respond to messages

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