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Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight’ spoilers finds that we met Mindy Shiben and her ex-husband, Zach Justice. Mindy and Zach had a very rocky marriage and these two were just not meant to be. Mindy tried her hardest to make it all work, but between the lies and deleted text messages from Zach, it just didn’t. Now, Mindy is speaking out about the new person in her life. We have the inside scoop right here.

Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Mindy Speaks Out on Podcast

This week, Mindy went onto Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s podcast called Hot Marriage Cool Parents. She told them, “There is someone special. I actually have been dating! Yeah! So it’s hard right now, you know, with being quarantined and everything. But I’ve been getting into virtual dating. I know it sounds kind of dorky and everything, but I’m like, into it! Because it’s great that you can explore a connection and everything without any pressure or anything physical happening and stuff. So the physical is just completely off the table.”

Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Mindy Shiben’s New Love Interest

She continued, “It’s kind of like the opposite of Married at First Sight, if you think about it, like forcing the connection and everything first before you even meet them. So it’s definitely a different way to go about dating. But I’m taking advantage of the opportunity. It’s just FaceTime, Zoom meetings, Skype, whatever you use. I’ll cook a meal with somebody or I’ll watch a movie or just have a drink. You do an actual kind of date.” Jamie then asked her if she was dating just one person or many people virtually. “That’s a really good question. There is somebody. It’s not, like, official because we haven’t actually met in person, but there is someone special.”

This new man in Mindy’s life doesn’t watch Married at First Sight. “He knows about it and everything, but he says he hasn’t watched it.” Mindy also told Jamie that she is at the beach right now.”So right now during the coronavirus crisis, I’m staying at my mom’s beach house in North Carolina. I’ve been camping out here for awhile. I can’t work right now…which is a bummer. Teaching figure skaters is my biggest passion.” We are very happy that Mindy is moving on,even if it is just online dating. She seems to be pretty happy right now, even in the coronavirus crisis. You can keep up with her on social media and maybe she will reveal some clues.

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