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A new survey has shown that a third of online daters in Scotland say the outbreak of Covid-19 has made their quest for love more important than ever.

Speaking to online daters, the new study by dating app happn found that 70 percent feel the outbreak of Covid-19 has seriously affected their approach to dating.

For 30 percent of online users, Covid-19 has made them spend even more time using their apps than previously.

Over half say they are still looking for love, and 93 percent online daters are open to trying new ways of dating during the current isolation period.

For 54 percent of single dating apps users, this means spending more time messaging than they usually would, and for a further 54 percent, dating over Facetime is the new ‘must-do’ while unable to meet up in bars or restaurants.

In fact, 67 percent of singletons feel as though the isolation period will help them to make a stronger connection online, than they may do after a first face-to-face date.

Users say they’ll have the chance to speak in more detail about each other, can invest in a more quality conversation and will forge a deeper emotional connection with their crush.

Psychological and relationship expert Emma Kenny says: “The increase in people using dating apps during Covid-19 shows we remain committed as ever to finding that special someone.

“This research shows that the search for love transcends any lock down and whilst you may not be able to date physically, you can still get creative whilst dating digitally, meaning that you can grow new connections and have something to look forward to once social distancing is lifted.

“A real positive about having to wait to meet in person is the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection during a challenging time.

“Getting to know one another’s likes and dislikes, whilst sharing a space and time that’s unlikely to be repeated means bonding in a unique way.”

Some tips for keeping your dating game alive during lock-down include:

  • Get online. Whether you want to believe it or not, online dating is the past, the present, and the future and we all know someone, who knows someone, who met their now ‘other half’ online. You may have sworn off dating apps for life previously, but who could’ve predicted this current situation! You never know who you could ‘virtually’ cross paths with, so download an app and find that hot neighbour you keep having eye contact with, and get to know each other (over message!) Connections can be made at the most unexpected of times, in even the most unexpected of places…
  • Love letters. We’re not suggesting you become the next Shakespeare (although you never know!), but don’t underestimate the power of a simple sentence or two. Make your online chats a place of escape and romance by being bold! Tell your crush your wildest hopes and dreams, and help them to understand your worries and fears. Honesty is your biggest strength, so send your feelings in an online love letter and watch your crush’s heart skip a beat!
  • Be apart together. We’re all trying to find new ways to keep our relationships afloat – whether that be with your besties, your parents or your colleagues. We’re all embracing technology like never before. Seven in 10 Brits are more dependent on their internet now than before the pandemic. We’re doing all we can to keep connected – we’re taking part in live workouts, we’re engaging in cook alongs… the options are endless so there’s no reason for why you can’t take part in these activities with your crush! Watch a movie together online, share your favourite podcasts… get to know each other, apart.
  • Face to face first dates. For some, spending longer messaging can be a little uncomfortable. 34 percent said they find it difficult to gage how their crush feels over text, and 33 percent think their own personality may not come across well by messaging. If you feel the same, then bite the bullet and arrange that first face-to-face date over video call! There’s so much we can tell from that first (virtual) meeting, so if you’re worried about feeling less able to open up over text, then get up, dress up, and say hi out loud and in person(ish).

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