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A man who was accused by an Atlanta woman of savagely beating and threatening to kill her after meeting her on the dating app Hinge has been captured in New York, where a woman who was about to go on a date with him recognized his photo from social media and alerted the police.

The Atlanta Police Department on Tuesday confirmed the arrest of Benjamin Pancher in Kent, New York, on a warrant charging him with kidnapping, false imprisonment and aggravated assault. 

Fancher, 31, has waived an extradition hearing and is expected to be returned to Atlanta by November 25 to face the criminal charges stemming from his alleged attack on his Atlanta date, Brittany Correri, last week.

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Police in Kent, New York, have arrested Benjamin Fancher, 31 (left), in connection to the November 11 attack on his Atlanta date, Brittany Correri (right) 

An Atlanta security guard took this picture that appears to show Fancher beating  Correri laying on the ground. The guard intervened and stopped the attack 

Correri addressed the news of Fancher’s arrest in a jubilant Instagram post on Tuesday.  

‘They got him!! I am FLOODED with emotions,’ she wrote. ‘I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for using your voice and platforms to find Ben. We found him because somebody recognized him from social media!! 

‘I am overwhelmed I may not respond to every message and comment however I read each one as I am recovering. Your kind words have lifted me up when I feel like I am falling apart. My family and I cannot thank you all enough, you guys are amazing.’ 

Correri’s attorney, Michael Sterling, said Fancher was arrested after a woman in Kent, New York, who was about to go on a date with him realized he was the man whose photo Correri posted on Instagram and identified as her attacker.

The New York woman, who spoke to WSB-TV on condition of anonymity, said that she met Fancher on a dating app recently. The man told her he had relocated from Georgia and was living in Kent with his grandparents. 

As she was getting ready to go on a first date with Fincher, she came across Correri’s Instagram post. 

Correri celebrated Fancher’s arrest in this Instagram post on Tuesday, revealing that he was caught after someone recognized him from her earlier post 

Correri’s attorney said Fancher turned on her and called her the N-word after she danced with two black women at a bar during their date 

‘It came up on my timeline kind of thing,’ the woman said. ‘The second they put his picture up, I was like, “Oh my God. I know him.”‘

After looking up Fancher’s grandparent’s address, the woman contacted the local police department.

Correri hailed the New York woman a ‘hero,’ but she simply performed a good deed.  

Correri previously said the brutal attack happened last Wednesday after she went on a first date with Fancher. 

The woman, who said it was her first experience with online dating, shared gruesome photos on Instagram of her bloodied face and bruised lip in the aftermath of the attack. 

She said she was sharing her story publicly to warn of the dangers of online dating.    

Correri shared these gruesome photos on Instagram of her bloodied face in the aftermath of the attack, which lasted an hour 

She said Fancher, whom she connected with on Hinge, picked her up from her home in a white car and drove to the Hide Lounge in Atlanta. 

‘He was a super nice guy, just super nice,’ she told WSB-TV. ‘We were laughing the whole night, just having a great time.’

At some point, the woman returned to the man’s car with him. As they drove around, he ‘became angry’ with her for dancing with tow black women in a bar.

Correri recounted how Fancher called her the N-word, threatened to shoot her and told her she ‘picked the wrong white boy.’  

According to Correri, Fancher proceeded to thrash her as he drove around Atlanta for an hour.  

‘He started beating me in my head, punching me everywhere – my forehead, my temples, my cheeks, jaw, throat, arms, my back,’ Correri told 11Alive. 

‘He was just telling me that the date cost too much, that I’m not worth that.’ 

She said things escalated further when he pulled out a gun, pointed it at her and threatened to kill her. 

‘He was dead-set on killing me,’ she said.

Fancher was said to have pulled the car over near the Westside Provisions District before dragging Correri from the vehicle while still hitting her.  

Authorities had footage of the man’s vehicle after Correri’s doorbell camera captured him arriving at her home earlier that night. She said the man picked her up from her home in a white car and drove to the Hide Lounge in Atlanta

After the date, Correri said Fancher refused to let her out of the car and started beating her. She said things escalated further when he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her

A female security guard who witnessed Correri being dragged from the car ran over and intervened. 

Correri said she believes Fancher got ‘spooked’ and fled in his car.

‘He’s dragging me and beating me, and there just happened to be a security guard there. So, she comes running, taking pictures. I think he gets spooked. It was literally by the grace of God,’ Correri said.

The woman called the security guard who stopped the attack her ‘angel’ and said she would love to meet her again so she could thank her for saving her life. 

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