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MANALAPAN, NJ – Local author DS Whitaker self-published her debut novel “Antigenesis” last year, a political thriller centering around a pandemic – an idea that seemed pretty far fetched at the time. Although she only began writing fiction two years ago, the book was recently named a finalist for the 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards.

Whitaker, 54, states that the novel was meant to be a satire in which a clueless President cared more about the economy than saving lives. After a 30-year career as a technical writer, the author began planning her book in 2018, researching viruses and pandemic response plans for over a year.

“I consider ‘Antigenesis’ to be a cautionary tale about the dismal state of public health,” said Whitaker.

Founded in 2005, the National Indie Excellence Awards honors important works by self-published authors and independent presses.

“This year’s entries continue an upward trend in high-quality publishing, even among first time or newer authors,” said Doug Fogelson, president of the National Indie Excellence Awards. “The competition is intense. Indie Excellence proudly celebrates the talent, dedication and love they put into the book product.”

Whitaker published her second novel, “Planet of the Creeps”, in January. In what the author calls “lighter fare” than the pandemic-related debut, the book is described as a romantic comedy about online dating.

For the author’s website, click here.

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