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Online dating site MeetPositives.com is pleased to invite their community to join their platform, particularly if they wish to communicate and form relationships with STD positive singles. In fact, the platform has a reputation for being a herpes dating website, and they primarily strive to connect positive singles with other positive singles based on a number of correlating factors.

“One of the reasons that dating can be so difficult for people living with STDs is that there is a striking negative stigma attached to being STD-positive,” states Jack Lombardi of MeetPositives.com. “They can hit it off with people, enjoy long conversations, have many interests and activities in common and so on but falter when the time comes for them to have ‘the talk’ where they reveal their STD positive status to their partner. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of misinformation gets shared around regarding STDs. However, we aim to change all that through somewhat unconventional means. Given that you cannot be reinfected if you are living with an STD, we believe it is practical for our members to seek out their partners among other individuals who have a similar STD. That way, everyone is aware of the other party’s status from the beginning, and no awkward conversations have to derail what may turn into a beautiful relationship.”

Notably, the platform takes a large variety of factors into account in addition to each member’s STD status. Much like other dating sites, MeetPositives.com utilizes an algorithm that takes age, sex, location and more into account when a member seeks help looking for positive singles to pair with. However, given their focus on the STD positive community, MeetPositives.com takes this a few steps further and fine tunes their search results to singles that it feels have the highest likelihood of forming long-term relationships with the member in question. Anyone can run a search on the platform, and many members of the community who are interested in this service will be pleased to learn that MeetPositives.com places a great emphasis on security and privacy. Many of their policies are centered around protecting their users, particularly given the sensitive nature of the information they are sharing.

“You will be opening a quite private part of your life to someone new in the hope that they resonate with you,” observes Lombardi. As such, the company wants this process to go as smoothly as possible, and they want both members of a blooming relationship to be as safe as possible as they interact. It is due to these reasons that no outside parties can access any personal information unless they choose to share it, and this includes their STD status as well as any preferences they hold. Even the people a member matches with will not have access to details like their phone number and so on unless they expressly trust the other party enough to reveal it themselves. Trust is a huge factor on Meet Positives since it is crucial to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment.

As the company observes however, “Bear in mind that any individual with internet accessibility has access to these websites. It is essentially impossible for dating sites to weed out the poor seeds; the online dater needs to take care in establishing days with strangers. When initial conference face-to-face, select a public place. Don’t reveal excessive details until you have a great suggestion of the person’s character. Take care not to inform too much ahead of time. With a liable perspective as well as an open mind, online dating can be enjoyable, risk-free, and also amazing.”

More information can be found on the company’s dating platform, including tips on approaching people and finding love. Interested parties are also welcome to reach out to support of MeetPositives.com in order to follow up on any further inquiries. MeetPositives.com can be accessed through any device, and the company takes pride in the fact that their platform is optimized to run well no matter how a user chooses to utilize its features.


For more information about Meetpositives.com, contact the company here:

Jack Lombardi
(855) 747-2031
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