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Megan Thee Stallion exudes confidence, period. Since finding breakout fame with her first Hot 100 single, 2018’s “Big Ole Freak,” she’s become a champion of female empowerment, delivering bold lyrics on sexuality and success with unabashed spirit. Over the past year, the artist has also exhibited fearless honesty when it comes to her personal life, penning an essay for The New York Times on violence against Black women. Now, she’s applying her no-holds-barred approach to a more light-hearted subject: online dating.

At the beginning of December, Meg joined forces with Tinder to launch the Put Yourself Out There Challenge, a contest that will see 100 lucky winners awarded $10,000 USD each for creating honest, unfiltered profiles on the dating app. Of course, the challenge is easier said than done — it can feel intimidating to do away with virtual smoke and mirrors and reveal your authentic self when social media encourages us to create glossy, curated content. In the lead-up to Dating Sunday, the first Sunday of the year (falling on January 3, 2021) that sees record online dating activity, Hot Girl Meg speaks with HYPEBAE about her top tips for a 2021 full of successful swiping.

Keep reading for our interview with Megan Thee Stallion on pick-up lines, first dates and self-confidence.

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What are some confidence-boosting tips for hyping yourself up for a first date? 

You always have to remember, confidence comes from within. Wear what makes you happy and what makes you feel good. You are a Hottie and this person is lucky to go on a date with you. I like dancing and singing in front of the mirror, it really hypes me up. That’s actually how I ended up writing “Body” — I was just getting down and feeling myself in front of the mirror and the lyrics came to me.

What advice do you have for people who are jumping into online dating for the first time? 

My advice is to be yourself and be open. You might not find the perfect person right away, but that is okay. It’s a journey that’s meant to be explored. Whether it’s online or in-person, dating is all about having fun.

Because of the pandemic, people have turned to virtual instead of in-person dates. Do you have any recommendations for video chat date ideas? 

2020 has been so crazy! But I actually think there’s something really fun about a virtual date. I would make it pretty simple. I’d get some D’usse, tell them to get their favorite drink to set a vibe, and then we could just let the conversation flow.

In your opinion, what is the most over-used pick-up line?

I don’t like corny pick-up lines. What works best is when people are honest and direct. If someone has enough courage to be themselves and come at me with their true intentions, it’s their confidence that comes through and attracts me to them.

Do you have any tricks for making your makeup pop over video chat?
[Add] a little extra highlight, so you just glow even brighter, and [wear] your most popping lip gloss so your lips look extra juicy.

Being honest and upfront is an important part of dating. If you’re just not feeling chemistry, how do you approach the awkward task of letting someone know you’re not interested? 

If I’m not feeling the chemistry, they probably aren’t feeling it either. Usually, people figure it out but sometimes you just have to be honest and tell them you’re not into it. Even if it’s awkward, it’s better than lying about your feelings.

How do you shake off Internet trolls and haters? 

Social media is supposed to be fun and I try to keep that in mind. I work really hard and put the real Megan out there for everyone to see. If people have negative things to say, it says more about them than it does about me. I choose to be happy.

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