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It has often been said that bald is beautiful unless one is desperate for a date and is willing to use any means to conceal their thinning mane.

In Britain, the follicly-challenged have turned to a new phenomenon that has seen an online surge.

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It’s known as “hatfishing” and describes someone attempting to mask their baldness under a hat when presenting themselves on social media or on dating apps.

Research reveals 21% have tried to conceal their lack of hair when seeking dates.

And of that number, 16% have resorted to donning a hat, which is why they’ve been anointed as a “hatfisher,”

It comes after a survey of 1,000 adults found that one in 10 Brits claim they have been hatfished.

And 40% of women feel they would go no further with a potential love interest if they were hatfished by them.

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More than a quarter of adults also admitted that when scrolling through dating apps or meeting for a first date, they first pass judgment on the person’s hair.

Of the women polled, 56% admitted that they would prefer to date someone with a full head of hair, while 45% would completely lose interest if their date had a combover.

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