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This scribe once had a friend out in Los Angeles who invented his own system for predicting which men and women would work out together as a couple. For starters, he would use the common one to 10 scoring system for attraction. He would then insist such factors as shared interests or economic success would allow for a two point variance up or down for a relationship to work.

For example, any seven would date a seven. However, a woman who would score an eight visually might date a male rating a six, if they got along in some unusual way. Meanwhile, a man carrying a four in the handsome department shouldn’t waste his time chasing that lady eight.

As systems go, it lacked scientific method and supporting data. It was also steeped in cynicism. Fortunately, there’s a new social media app that relies on more advanced artificial intelligence to predict successful matches.

During the seemingly endless isolation brought on COVID-19, singles turned to online dating in vast numbers. Now, the new social media platform Iris looks to artificial intelligence to predict better potential matches while eliminating the possibility of cat-fishing.

According to its engineers, Iris’ technology works to protect users by ensuring that the potential matches connected to the user are who they presented themselves to be in their online photos. A.I. visually verifies that photos uploaded actually look like the uploader.

The Iris artificial intelligence design looks to predict mutual attraction by learning what the users enjoy, what interests them and what attracts them. The system learns and builds personal insight over time of what a user like as he or she swipes. This builds to guarantee that user receives potential matches more likely to appeal over time.

The goal of employing the A.I. is to save the user’s time, avoiding blind swiping in favor of perusing more closely connected matches. Presumably, over time (as the implemented A.I. refines its understanding of a user’s preferences), the Iris social media platform should work that much better.

Those interested are directed to the Iris website where they can request an SMS with download instructions.

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