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So, rather than making you roll the dice on countless Honda Civic drivers or basic plebes with gas-guzzling SUVs, this new dating app takes the guesswork out, narrowing your dating pool to fellow Tesla owners. We have a feeling “Elon” is going to be a very popular name for newborn babies for the next few years.

The app is called “Tesla Dating”, and it’s the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur Ajitpal Grewal. Grewal told Business Insider he came up with the idea for the app after noticing that, generally speaking, Tesla fans only ever want to talk about Tesla.

Tesla is “a big part of their identity, and they [share] a lot of the same values, like wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, [obsessing over] Elon Musk, or appreciating high tech,” Grewal says. “Suddenly it hit me, these people would be perfect for each other.”

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