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The lone survivor, Abdul Tahir, said that his brothers, children and two grandchildren were swept by floodwater that entered their home.

Two people died and six others remain missing after nine members of a family from Mailardevpally in Hyderabad were washed away in the floods that hit the city after a day of record rainfall. Only one person survived the incident. Mohammad Abdul Tahir Quraishi was standing on a set of stairs in his flooded home along with eight members of his family on Tuesday night. There was a heavy rush of floodwater on the streets and the parapet gave in, washing away all those standing on the stairs.

Two family members who rushed in to help those who got washed away were also pulled into the water. Locals have recovered two bodies while the others, including two little children, remain missing.

“There was a lot of water and the flow was heavy. We were near the gate on a set of stairs. Water was up to the brim,” Tahir narrated in tears in a video posted on social media, adding that the parapet wall washed away, taking everyone on the stairs with it. He too, was swept away in the floods but was rescued by his elder brother. “My elder and younger brother rushed in to help but they too got washed away. My grandchildren, two of them, got washed away. My children, my brothers, everyone got washed away,” Tahir said, as he broke down inconsolably.



The body of 26-year-old Farzana Tabassum and 32-year-old Dargash Quraishi have been recovered.Mohammad Abdul Wajid Quraishi (32), Wasiya Quraishi (33) and Humaira Tabassum (24) are yet to be found along with Tahir’s two grandchildren, five-year-old Abdul Wahad Quraishi and seven-year-old Amaira Bibi. Mohammed Abdul Quraishi, Tahir’s elder brother who rushed into the water to save him, also remains missing.

Speaking to the media, Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan, who highlighted the issue on Twitter, said that there was little help from the local administration. “We tried reaching out to the Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao and to the Municipal commissioner but there has been no response from them. I hope that authorities contact his family and extend help.”

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