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Joshua Lee Lau also facing counts of enticing child, aggravated child molestation


Cherokee Judicial Circuit Judge D. Scott Smith rejected a motion to lower bond for an Acworth man facing one count of aggravated child molestation in Bartow Superior Court Tuesday morning.


Defendant Joshua Lee Lau is also charged with one count of child molestation and one count of enticing a child for indecent purposes. Bartow County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) records indicate he has been held in pretrial detention at the local jail since April 30.


“The court previously set a bond for Mr. Lau at about, I believe, $75,000,” said public defender Chris Paul. He requested Judge Smith drop the bond amount to $50,000, with the same conditions intact. 


“At the time that he was arrested on this charge, he was working for a trucking company that’s based in Brooks County,” Paul said. “His intention, if he can get out of custody on the bond, is to relocate back to Brooks County.”


Paul said the defendant is in his late 20s and met the alleged victim through an online dating app. BCSO documents indicate the alleged crimes took place on Feb. 28.


Cherokee Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Sharon M. Fox said the alleged victim in the case was 14 years old at the time the crimes were purportedly committed.


“The bottom line is the State thinks $75,000 is consistent with what this court does on these particular facts, and we would ask the court to not change it out,” Fox said.


She said the defendant does have several charges out of Florida, including an aggravated assault case from 2009 “that looks like it has not been disposed of at this point in time.” She also said Lau had a weapons violation in Florida that was administratively dismissed.


Fox told the court the case is “about ready to be presented” to a grand jury, adding that Lau is considered “high priority” due to being an in-custody defendant. 


“It’s a serious case, and I’m not real sure that this gentleman has what I would call ‘extenuating ties’ to this community, so I’m going to leave his bond as it is right now,” Smith told Paul. “And if it gets to be an  elongated, protracted thing — and we’re looking at some time that he’s still not going to be able to get before a grand jury in this case — then you can always bring this back.”

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