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Octave offers evidence-based therapy and goals-focused coaching for people facing difficulties in their personal lives. Its services reach out to individuals and couples from all walks of life.

Sometimes a married couple takes the relationship workshop because they’re on the brink of divorce, and sometimes a single person seeks a personal therapist or coach to help them get in the right headspace to build a healthy relationship.

Octave supports emotional well-being through a variety of therapy and coaching programs.

During a pandemic, mental health becomes increasingly important, and relationships around the world have been impacted by the health crisis and that isolation it can bring to households under lockdown.

Clinic Director Kristen Scarlett told us that she is seeing single clients who feel comfortable trying dating sites for the first time during the pandemic and are thriving, and couples that are either breaking up or ready for the next step in their relationships after weeks of quarantining together.

Octave’s team of clinicians, coaches, instructors, designers, and technologists work together to offer emotional support to singles in the dating scene as well as couples in committed relationships. The therapy service provides one-on-one coaching, relationship workshops, and therapy sessions, all of which can now be accessed online.

These programs and classes can help individuals identify negative patterns, cultivate mindful techniques, and create an action plan to reach their goals. Such intensive work could be crucial in preparing a client to tackle personal issues and strengthen their relationships.

“Our mission is to increase access to quality mental health care, which is more important now than ever,” Kristen told us. “We do this by offering a diverse line of services at different price points, and by working with insurance companies to cover the cost of care through in-network and out-of-network benefits.”

Individual & Couples Counseling Now Available Online

The Octave company got its name from the music term for the interval between two notes. The name references the fact that Octave offers a complete set of therapy services ranging from affordable therapy groups to private coaching sessions.

Octave therapists can help people with clinical conditions, including bipolar disorder, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, and its professional coaches can lead individual and group work to tackle general issues with relationships, parenting, body image, and self-esteem.

“People should consider which services they might be interested in trying, or might be most appropriate for them at this time,” Kristen said. “This is something they can address during a brief phone consultation.”

A 15-minute phone consultation with an Octave Care Navigator is free, and it can help clients find the service that’s the right fit for their needs, budget, schedule, and preferences. Octave matches clients with a specialized therapist or coach and creates a personalized care plan to encourage them to move forward.

Screenshot of Octave's website

Octave therapists monitor a client’s progress and help foster meaningful changes.

Prior to COVID-19, Octave offered primarily in-person counseling, workshops, and groups, but the pandemic has prompted the company to shift toward digital services. New and existing clients can now book virtual therapy sessions through their computer or smartphone.

Octave coaching has always been virtual, and now the team is using that same technology to provide online access to trained therapists as well as coaches.

“We made a very smooth transition to virtual sessions and now offer therapy via telehealth and virtual workshops and support groups,” Kristen said.

Octave’s group workshops typically take place in person, but the team is prepared to start holding sessions virtually, if need be, in the next few months. These therapist-led classes create action plans for dealing with highly emotional issues, including breakups, co-parenting, relationships, and dating after divorce, so they appeal to singles and couples facing challenges in their personal relationships.

The Relationship Bootcamp is by far the most popular workshop, and it has helped couples overcome conflict and learn better communication skills to reinforce their loving connection.

Finding Clarity in Times of Conflict & Uncertainty

By supporting individuals and couples who are facing hardship, Octave has had a profoundly positive impact on the local and global community. The therapists and coaches address major issues that can hold people back, and their private or group sessions can lead to tremendous breakthroughs and personal growth.

Such emotional support and guidance has become a lifeline for many clients under stay-at-home orders during the 2020 pandemic. From singles feeling lonely to couples under strain, many people have reached out to Octave for constructive solutions to the stress and isolation of the new normal.

The Octave team has learned how to be there for clients — even when those encounters aren’t in person. Video and phone therapy sessions have provided people with a resource they can trust to lift them up when times are hard and they’re feeling down.

Whether it’s assisting in conflict resolution or grief counseling, Octave empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, communicate their needs, and foster good mental health.

One client said, “The unique thing I enjoyed most about Octave was the way my coach used structured exercises to push me in ways that helped me prioritize my time better.”

Quote from an Octave client

Clients can see fast results thanks to Octave’s personalized and data-driven programs.

The Octave team endeavors to create a care plan that is affordable and effective, and the company works with insurance providers to arrange an out-of-network reimbursement of as much as 80% of the cost of care.

Going forward, Octave’s goal is to secure additional partnerships that would allow for more or all of its therapy and coaching services to be in-network for clients.

“This would help us meet our mission of making quality mental health care more accessible,” Kristen said. “Due to the recent pandemic and all the upset that has come with it, we feel even more compelled to meet this goal.”

Octave Creates a Plan to Improve Emotional Well-Being

Good mental health is at the heart of everything the Octave team does. The personalized coaching programs, private therapy sessions, and results-driven workshops all promote helpful strategies to resolve conflict, build strong relationships, and find purpose in one’s life.

Octave can assist and support adults at any stage of life, and the team has experience working with singles in the online dating scene as well as couples who have been married for decades.

Over the last couple months, Octave has gotten a high-tech upgrade and made its therapy services more accessible online so clients have an outlet, a resource, and a guide to get them through personal challenges, relationship roadblocks, and a global crisis.

Kristen said, “Part of what makes Octave unique is that we leverage data throughout a client’s time with us to guide our measurement-based approach and improve outcomes over time.”

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