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On-line dating for farmers

A couple of years ago I interviewed the guy who started farmersonly.com, a dating site for people in ag. Social networking has connected the world, and new data shows more than 50 percent of Americans find new friends, or even a date online. And one in four report financial scam attempts in online dating. Whether it’s networking with other farmers, or trying to find a soulmate, AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl says rural residents should always stay vigilant online. “Social media is a great tool to connect farmers and ranchers. Staying connected, having a social club or a way to meet people is important to combating isolation; it keeps you healthier and happier. We can learn from each other, share advice and even the price of soybeans down the road, and yes, social media can be used to find a date. But, regardless of your use, it’s important to always verify who you are talking to online.”


Farmers connect in many ways online, including social media and online discussion forums, and so do scammers. Voskuhl says a financial scam from an internet acquaintance can really harm farming operations. “You may not be able to recover funds or seek justice when you fall for an online financial scam. The loss of the money to a scam is a loss for the farm. Those funds could have been used for the daily operations, or the purchase of assets. While the internet is a great way to connect farmers who may be struggling from economics or disasters such as wildfires, verification is key to making sure you stay safe, and your money goes to the right cause, when online.”


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