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The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, from the way we travel to the way we celebrate things. Even merely going out has changed–you always need to be mindful of where you’re going, who you meet, and what you touch.

But the pandemic has also changed another thing: dating. 

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Online dating has become more common amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Online Dating Amid the Pandemic

Dating, like many other things, has moved online. Because of this, tons of online dating apps have become more popular than ever. Dates have turned into quality time over FaceTime or Zoom. And more often than not, it’s a matter of being ghosted or ghosting.

Nevertheless, Insider has reported that times have indeed changed, and the fear of online dating has been swept away, including the people’s tendency to ghost.

For those who still aren’t familiar with online lingo, “ghosting” is basically when somebody stops all forms of communication. It happens all of a sudden, with pretty much no sign that it will happen. One minute you two might be vibing, the next moment, you might get a “This is not working,” or “I’m not looking for a relationship” text.

Sometimes, you don’t even get anything at all.

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To Ghost or Not to Ghost?

However, based on Insider’s report, Hinge’s new data suggests that 27% of Hinge users were ghosting less than the pre-pandemic times.

In context, a previous survey by the company found that 63% of the app’s users admitted to ghosting their matches.

Moreover, the company has also disclosed that its users have increased during the pandemic compared to their users last year, which means more singles are dating online these days. It may be perhaps because we’re all lonely, being locked down and all. Or maybe some have gotten so bored with living a single life, and the pandemic has heightened that feeling.

But while that may be a good thing for some, there are definitely those that feel being ghosted or ghosting is better during this time of our contactless existence.

For example, an article from WIRED said, “Ghosting is more suitable to the times. It’s silent, it’s safe, it conforms to the unbearable lightness of our disembodied beings.”

The article, written by Elena Lacey, also added that it’s 2020. Basically, everyone is not expecting a happy ending.

But has dating during the pandemic really comes down to “ghost or be ghosted?”

How it Feels to be Ghosted

For many, ghosting may seem like the lesser of two evils. But there are definitely people who are more sensitive to being ghosted during these challenging times, such as the people who shared their ghosting stories on Mashable.

Besides the confusion and the pain and anger, many who have been ghosted by people they have grown to care about have ended up worrying that the silence on the other side of the phone might have been more than just someone losing interest in them.

Opinions differ. Some prefer to be ghosted. But if anything, it’s better to be kind and compassionate during these hard times when everyone is still having a hard time coping with what’s going on around us.

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