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“I think it’s easy to think that since we’re home, we don’t have to dress up or put on make-up. However, it’s still a ‘date’ and it’s important to have a good first impression.” Lim says, adding that Lunch Actually has organised 50 virtual dates this month alone, in addition to many successful rounds of virtual speed dating sessions.

“One thing that we learnt after conducting our first virtual speed dating was to advise the participants beforehand to present their best selves. We remind all the participants to dress up and choose a spot at home with a nice background (or a nice virtual background!) to create a more positive image for the singles they will be meeting.”

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Amidst economic uncertainty, social distancing and the ongoing struggle to curb the spread of Covid-19, many singles are likely to put their dating life on hold for the time being. Others, according to Lim, view things differently.  

“Because Malaysians are staying home, they actually have more time to invest in their personal development, whether it’s to trying new recipes, exercising more, learning new skills. And in dating, meeting more people through virtual dates,” Lim says. 


Looking ahead

In the post-MCO period, Ng advises singles to define their priorities clearly, adding that those looking for a more serious, long-term relationship should be prepared to put in the necessary time and effort rather than expecting instant results.      

“Dating apps are a good platform to get to know and communicate with new people, but they cannot replace our need for real human connections,” Ng says. “Whether you’re using an online dating app or an offline platform, focus on having a good conversation and getting to know someone well. One thing I hope this pandemic teaches us is to identify what’s really important and how to re-assess our values.” 

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According to Lim, Lunch Actually’s dating app LunchClick saw a sharp increase in downloads following the MCO. While working from home, Lunch Actually consultants are steadily keeping connected with their clients digitally, all with the same goal in mind as before the partial lockdown: 

“We always tell singles that the real purpose of dating platforms is to meet more people that you can connect with in real life. Chemistry and love happen offline,” Lim stresses.

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