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Recent data indicates that around a third of Australian adults have used online dating platforms in one form or another.

Bundaberg Now writer Geoff Augutis delves into the world of online dating and how it has become a normal way of meeting people to form a relationship.

Every day millions of Australians use technology and the internet to assist them in their lives.

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Over the years we have become more informed and open to letting tech into our worlds.

We trust it with our banking, our news and even to share our personal stories.

It shouldn’t then be a surprise that we are also using it to find love.

It could be argued that who we choose to spend our life with is the most important choice we will ever make.

Why then do we trust the internet to help us down this road?

Many opinions relate the online dating phenomenon back to that of online shopping.

Many of the same draw cards exist with convenience, time flexibility and even broader choice.

Online dating is shopping for love

Just like online shopping, this space has grown out of it becoming normalised.

It is now so popular that any stigmas that may have existed in the past are now fading away.

Recent data indicates that around one third of Australian adults have used online dating platforms in one form or another.

It also speaks to the success of these resources with more than 50 per cent of people knowing a couple who found love here.

Fears have been raised around whether or not these tools are taking away the opportunities to mingle in person; that our “ease of access” to dating has diminished what has always been a very personal and intimate process.

On the flip side, these tools allow for people to have a choice at how they enter the “love” market.

While some find it incredibly convenient and suiting their lifestyle, others choose to avoid these platforms.

Ultimately it is important for us as humans to remember that it is the place for technology to assist us, be the tool to make our lives easier or more convenient.

The technology isn’t and should never be the focus.

It simply provides us with more choices to suit us as individuals.

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