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In today’s era, everything has changed starting from way of living to dating. Earlier, people are aware about dating and if anyone knew about it then it was limited to very few cities.

But as time changed, this trend of dating has wide spread. But now people have started even dating online. But do you know what we should keep in mind while online dating? So let’s know about it.

Personal info: At times it is seen that when you meet someone through social media platform and then dating online, people also share their important and personal information. But people should understand that the people you are meeting are unaware and sometimes many people try to dating people online by making fake IDs. In such a situation, there have been many cases of deception.

Family: Many times we get so entrenched in online dating that we forget what is good and bad which may damage out future. For example, if you are thinking of introducing a person with your family, then first make sure that you want to marry that person and that person is also serious about you because it is often seen that people later turn away from marriage and disappear.

Decide place of meeting: If you are planning to meet during online dating, then be very cautious about it. If both are choosing a place together, then instead of a lonely house, a secluded place, you should meet in some place where there are people.

Never share pictures & videos: The biggest mistake people make during online dating is that people share their photos and videos. We are not saying that you should not do this, but you should be very careful while sharing them. Many such cases often surfaces in which the news like misuse of the photo is seen. So try not to share personal photos and videos.

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