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With all of the dating sites and apps and singles events available, some people may think it’s easy to find connections and meaningful relationships. But many of those app users and event attendees can experience overload and frustration instead.

The endless online and offline options and low quality of matches can exhaust many singles, especially busy professionals, who may not have time to search for the right person. That’s why those selective singles often turn to professional matchmakers to vet potential matches and set them up.

“The dating scene is difficult for professional singles, especially with all the game-playing they can encounter on dating sites and apps,” said Elisabeth Dabbelt, Founder of OrlandoMatchmaker.com. “In fact, a recent study by researchers at the Harvard Business School showed that it takes seven hours of tedious, painstaking labor (reviewing profiles, sending emails, etc.) to get just one hour of actual dating activity. Then you have to ask yourself if this person is really single, if their pictures are accurate, if they’re serious or just playing games, if they’re even a real person at all. What a waste of time! What’s your time worth per day?”

“Another alarming fact is the number of single professional women vs. men who are serious about finding the right relationship. The more reason why you should stay away from the internet,” she continued. “More singles seeking a real relationship are turning to professional matchmaking agencies to achieve their goals.”

OrlandoMatchmaker.com teaches busy single professionals how to find love.

However, Elisabeth said some matchmakers resemble salespeople and work for franchises that value quantity over quality. She said she has seen the frustration that approach can cause those looking for love.

“People want honesty, and they need help achieving their goal of a lasting relationship,” Elisabeth told us. “And they have lost trust because many have experienced deceit on the internet dating scene or trusted their love life to a salesperson who will never match them.”

That’s why Elisabeth said it’s essential to look for a matchmaker who offers personalized services, has an excellent reputation within the community, and has a long history of positive results. Elisabeth, who has served singles for more than 30 years, said she has all three of those covered.

Elisabeth helps singles in the Orlando area find people who are compatible and ready for the best relationship of their lives. She has fostered thousands of long-term relationships and marriages, and she works with many widowers and those looking for faith-based partnerships.

Elisabeth Dabbelt Has 30+ Years of Industry Experience

Since 1987, Elisabeth and her team have helped match thousands of couples, and the agency has even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“Over the years, I’ve been persistent about being the best, which is why I am selective in clients. It’s quality over quantity,” she said. “I care about honesty and providing a very unique, personalized service unequaled in Orlando.”

Elisabeth works primarily with busy professionals, and she said she’s noticed more of them seeking private matchmakers because the corporate culture has made it challenging to find romance outside of the office.

Photo of Orlando Matchmaker Founder Elisabeth Dabbelt

Elisabeth Dabbelt has focused on helping Orlando area singles since 1987.

Many of those who have successful careers don’t have time to spend on dating apps or platforms weeding out incompatible daters. That’s why 2019 has been one of OrlandoMatchmaker.com’s best years.

“Busy professionals realize that hunting for love on their own is mostly a waste of time and effort,” Elisabeth said. “But I provide a one-on-one approach that gets results.”

She has decades of experience in the industry and supports clients as both a matchmaker and a dating coach. Elisabeth works to connect people and provide the guidance they need to overcome any obstacles that may be keeping them from developing a long-lasting relationship.

Each potential client enjoys a personal interview with Elisabeth, followed by a review and evaluation. Then they fill out a profile and provide current photographs. After that process is complete, Elisabeth includes them in her candidate database along with notes on introductions and any relationship coaching they may need.

Services That Franchises and Online Platforms Can’t Offer

Many of the clients who seek Elisabeth’s guidance express frustration at the options on the market designed to help singles find that special someone.

“There are unscrupulous matchmakers, agencies, and franchises pretending to be matchmakers that are swindling people. Some even sell membership packages over the phone but won’t meet you in person,” she said. “And there are companies that have recently changed their name but are the same people.”

Elisabeth told us that genuine matchmaking is a profession, like any other. It’s not something that can be purchased with the name of a popular franchise or even learned in school. Instead, the craft takes years of experience to understand successful matches.

“Franchises may hire salespeople working on commission with pressure to sell, but that is not how matchmaking works.” — Elisabeth Dabbelt, Founder of OrlandoMatchmaker.com

Because she sees so many more matchmakers reaching out to singles, Elisabeth said she’s heard of many people who have been disappointed by their empty promises.

“Many people, once burned, lose confidence,” she told us. “Franchises may hire salespeople working on commission with pressure to sell, but that is not how matchmaking works.”

That’s why Elisabeth said she’s straightforward and honest with people who come to her for matchmaking help. If she doesn’t have two or three people who she thinks could be a good match for the client, she won’t sign them. She added that no good matchmaker will take a person’s money if they don’t think they can help them find love.

OrlandoMatchmaker.com: A Personal Touch Leads to Success

Elisabeth said she feels that searching for love online is simply not as effective as personalized matchmaking, and it can complicate the lives of busy professionals.

“It has damaged too many of the singles who I have consulted with over the years. I’ve heard horror stories,” she told us.

Instead, Elisabeth encourages selective singles to work with a private matchmaker — but not just anyone. It’s vital that singles do their research before picking a matchmaker because that vetting will save both time and money, she said.

OrlandoMatchmaker.com logo

Orlando Matchmaker often receives feedback from satisfied clients.

“I am very often shocked when I meet prospective clients who have joined agencies or services without checking their credentials or reviews. That is horrific to me,” she said.

One way to ensure a good connection with a matchmaker is to check the testimonials from your area, and many OrlandoMatchmaker.com clients are happy to share their experiences and provide recommendations.

“I want to personally thank Elisabeth Dabbelt for introducing me to Frank,” one former member wrote in an online testimonial. “I was a member for about three months before we met. The process is exciting. Elisabeth searched her database for a mutual match. She presented the profiles and pictures of candidates for my approval to meet. It was so nice not going on wasted blind dates.”

With thousands of couples connected over the years, Elisabeth said she plans to continue what she is doing — including staying selective with her new clients.

“I plan to stay as consistent as I have been and bring quality singles in,” she told us. “I am happy with the direction I have taken and will stay with it.”

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