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The world of dating can be difficultenough for some under normal circumstances, but trying to meet a companion during a pandemiccan present an entirely new set of challenges.

However, even during this time of physical distancing and social isolation, the CEO of a matchmaking company says business is much busier than she thought.

“People are incredibly lonely so I am getting tons of calls,” says the CEO of Misty River Introductions, Linda Miller.

Currently, couples are not meeting face-to-face but are getting to know each other through what Miller calls a “virtual connection” using zoom or other video call programs.

She says some couples have even made dinner together through a virtual process.

“They setup their computers in the kitchen. They both have the same recipe which they share and they have this kind of great date where they’re drinking wine and cooking.”

Miller says talking online before meeting in person can make it easier to decide if there is a worth-while connection.

“People are getting to know each other. They’re sharing a lot more information about each other so you can get a better idea, ‘is this someone that’s worth my while going out and meeting in a month?’”

One virtual dater, Deb Williams, says interacting at a distance prior to an in-person meeting has benefits.

“By the time you are able to physically meet you’ve got a lot of the questions out of the way,” says Williams.

Her husband passed away last year and she is currently looking for a companion. She says times of isolation can be especially difficult.

“Being able to speak to other folks through video and by telephone has been really a godsend,” says Williams.

Miller believes isolation has given a lot of singles time to reflect.

“I actually had one of my clients say ‘I know one thing, if there’s a second wave I don’t want to be alone.’ So people are really thinking differently about how they want to spend the rest of their life,” she says.

The CEO is hopeful her company will be one of the first to begin normal operations again.

“I think one of the first things thouh that will come back is people being able to meet one-on-one or in very small groups. So I can anticipate that we’ll come online sooner than some restaurants or places like that”

Waiting to see someone is the toughest part says Williams but also says the thought of finally meeting someone in person gives her something to look forward to.

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