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With online dating sites and apps accruing millions of users around the world, finding ‘The One’ has never been easier. But how can we make ourselves stand out from others on popular dating apps, like Tinder? The answer is apparently simple: animals!

Research by OnBuy.com found that 73% of people say seeing an animal in a profile picture makes someone instantly more attractive. As a result, the mobile phone team at OnBuy.com sought to find out which animal increases appeal the most by surveying 4,268 people and asking them to pick the animals that would increase their likelihood of picking someone.

The survey found that dogs are the best animal to have in your profile picture if you want to attract more matches on Tinder. Whether it’s a pug, bulldog, or Pomeranian, furry canine friends are a hit, with an 84% match success rate.

Close behind in second place is the cat, with 76% admitting this increases their chances of swiping right on the popular dating app.


Farmyard animals also prove popular, with horses, cows, and sheep having a match success rate of 72%, 70% and 68% respectively.

On the other hand, exotic animals aren’t quite as popular on dating apps, with tigers and elephants getting a match success rate of 62% and 64% respectively. So next time you think about using a holiday snap of you riding an elephant or posing next to a tiger on your dating profile, think again about the unethical message it may convey to potential partners (such as hunting or animal cruelty).

 A far cry from the furry creatures at the top of the list, 10th (bottom) spot goes to snakes, with a 48% match success rate.

OnBuy.com also investigated whether having an animal in Tinder profile pictures is more appealing to men or women. They found that women are more likely to be impressed by an animal, with 64% saying it ‘increased appeal’.


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