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33 Thousand Dates is a bespoke service for women who are new to digital dating because of life events such as divorce or death as well as long-term single women who are looking for a new way to find lasting love and relying on virtual meetups due to COVID-19. McGinty helps each client select the right dating platform, prepare and write her dating profile, vet her photos, and provide active coaching to empower her every step of the way including how to communicate and follow up on actual dates.

“My 20+ year marriage ended this year, and suddenly I wasn’t only writing my friends’ dating profiles, I was writing my own,” said McGinty. “I was quickly reminded of the many hurdles women face when returning to the dating scene, especially now that it’s gone fully digital – picking a platform, filling out the neverending questions, choosing flattering photos, and then actually going on dates. And with COVID-19 on top of it all, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, which is why I started 33 Thousand Dates – we do the heavy lifting, so our clients can have all the fun.” 

The 33 Thousand Dates plan options are $399 (1-Month), $549 (2-Months), and $649 (3-Months).


33 Thousand Dates is an upscale coaching platform from premier dating expert Andrea McGinty designed to help Gen X and millennial women navigate the online dating scene with a personalized and proactive approach. For many, diving into the world of online dating can be difficult, uncertain, and highly emotional. 33 Thousand Dates handles the heavy lifting so that the client can focus on what matters most – finding love. 33 Thousand Dates is not a dating site and is not affiliated with any sites, allowing for complete objectivity. Find 33 Thousand Dates on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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