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In our new series Staying Connected, we will be talking to women in the public eye about life during lockdown the pandemic, and how they are navigating relationships during this time. keeping their relationships alive during isolation.

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For this week’s feature we are speaking to top model and influencer Shauna Lindsay, about how she is adapting to new life since lockdown.

The Limerick star reveals how friendships have kept her going during isolation and opening up to the possibilities of dating during a pandemic, and working on her mental health.

Q: How have you been finding isolation so far? 

I’ve actually been ok throughout isolation thank god. I know it’s been very hard on some people.

I have great friends who have visited since the start and sat across the street from me and had tea and chats. And my housemates are lovely too so I think they’ve both been things to help me along.

Q: What have been some of the highs and lows during the pandemic for you?

So I was in Dubai when it all kicked off and I was really unsure if I’d be allowed fly home, thankfully the flights were still running and I got home safe but it was a close call!

Shauna in Dubai as lockdown began in Ireland

That was definitely one of the highs.

Then on the other side my mom had a little health scare and ended up needing an ambulance, had to stay overnight in hospital etc.

It was really scary and unsettling not being able to get to her. I suppose another high is that she’s thankfully okay.

Q: Talk to us about some of the most important connections you have in your life?

I have a really small group of friends and family who are all amazing.

We text, voice note and call almost everyday. And then of course I’m on the phone to my mom like 70 times a day.

Q: Do you find you have been video calling more than ever before? And how do you find them?

Yeah I’ve video called with my mom and I don’t think I ever done that before. It was lovely to see her face especially at the start of all this when it seemed really scary to me.

Friends and I have video called too and it’s been great to just chill out with a glass of wine and chat for hours.

It’s like they’re in the room with you!

Q: Do you think technology has a big role to play in staying in touch with your loved ones?

Absolutely. I think technology has a lot of pros and cons but had this happened 10 years ago it would have been extremely difficult.

We’re so blessed to have these incredible devices that can connect you to relatives and friends who live half way around the world and also be able to watch endless tv shows and documentaries at the click of a button.

I don’t think I would’ve lasted without Netflix.

Q: What have you learned about your relationships with the people in your life during this time?

It’s just shown me more that I have really great, genuine people in my life who are there for me 100%. And I think that’s super rare so I’m very lucky.

I haven’t seen a few of my friends since before this whole thing but we have that sort of relationship that when we see each other again we’ll just carry on as we left off.

Q: Let’s talk online dating. Do you think it’s possible to date right now?

Yeah I do think it’s possible. With socially distanced walks and all that jazz. Some people bring coffee, I’d personally bring a flask of rosé.

Q: What are the qualities you are looking for in your ideal partner?

Someone funny, banter is KEY. Loyalty & trust is a massive thing for me. I think I’d need somebody who can be patient with me as I’m definitely a little guarded. Also preferably somebody taller than me.

Q: Do you think it’s better or worse to be single during the pandemic? And why?

It’s really hard to answer this. I think it’s make or break for a couple. It is a lot of time spent together…with no outside activities, your literally just in each other’s space constantly and I don’t know if that’s healthy!

I’ll say single.. but that can also be hard on people who struggle to be alone. Personally for me – single, because I love my own company.

Q: How are you staying connected with your followers during this time? Do you find social media has really helped?

Social media has definitely helped.. although nobody is actually doing anything it’s still been nice to see what people are doing?

If that makes sense  it’s also been refreshing to see people open up and talk about how they’ve been feeling throughout this whole time which really helps people who are feeling vulnerable.

Q: What’s the first thing you will do when you can finally get back together with your friends?

Definitely throwing a massive party.

Q: Talk to us about some of the things you have done for self-care during this time.

During this time I’ve discovered a love for baths.

I moved into a new place recently enough and it has the most incredible bath so I’ve literally been living in it. I’ll put a face mask on, a hair mask, pour myself a LARGE glass of rosé, get in and soak for an hour with my fav songs blasting. BLISS.

I’ve also been singing loads as it’s literally just therapy for me. Pretty sure my housemates hate me at this point as I never shut up and they’re both working from home.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself during isolation. 

So a couple of years ago I really struggled with anxiety.. (if this isolation period was happening back then I know it would be finding it extremely hard).

But I went to CBT and got the help I needed and throughout this whole thing I kind of just came to realisation one day how far I’ve actually come in terms of own my mental health so that’s been really cool for me to reflect on.

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