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For most people, TV presenter and radio host Vick Hope is best known for her time presenting the Capital Radio Breakfast Show, alongside Roman Kemp or her stint on Strictly Come Dancing, however, the star had a much different job after she left university.

After studying languages at Cambridge, Hope moved to Argentina where she was a journalist on The Argentina Independent, however, as she revealed to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time, it didn’t pay well.

She said: “I was living in Argentina in Buenos Aires and I was working as a journalist, but I was earning so little money and I needed extra money, and I went on Craigslist, looking for writing jobs.”

However, the writing job turned out to be something a little different as Vick found herself earning cash as a virtual dating assistant.

“I used to do people’s online dating for them,” she revealed. “I had clients in San Francisco, LA, New York and they’d pay me $800 a month to basically make them profiles on all the best websites for the demographics for them.”

As well as writing attractive profiles, Hope also had to find dates for her clients and then flirt with them.

“Most of my clients were rich businessmen who just didn’t have time to do it themselves,” the presenter explained.

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“I would find the matches, run them past them, they’d say whether they liked them or not and then I would just flirt with women online for them. I was showing my clients in the best possible light online. I’d get it offline as quickly as possible!”

Vick Hope, who appeared on the 2018 series of Strictly Come Dancing, was working in Argentina when she became a professional flirt (Getty Images)

One thing the Strictly Come Dancing star quickly realised is that she was better at flirting with her own sex, than she was with men.

“I’m much better at flirting with women than I am with flirting with men!” she laughed.

“I had to imagine what it is that I would want to hear, but it’s true, I probably know better what I want, than what a man wants.”

While she was very successful at her job, getting her clients up to four dates a week, online dating is something on the whole she things we should all avoid.

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“I don’t think that we should be trying to forge love online. I think that we should get it offline,” she told Thornton.

“I always say this analogy: People are like sample products, like food. You don’t look at a tin of food and say, I like the nutritional value and contents of it. You have to taste it.”

She continued: “I always said to my clients, ‘I’m not flirting for you so much longer. I want to get you on the date and you have to taste each other -and then you’ll know if you like each other!’”

Hear Vick Hope chat more about her previous careers and why she thinks the national curriculum needs to be changed on this week’s episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.

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