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UNITED STATES—Let’s face it, this pandemic is a bad time for the world as a whole and this certainly extends to dating life. If you’re single in LA right now you’re going to face a number of unique challenges.

These challenges are exactly what we’ll be going over today, as well as some alternatives you still have available. While it might feel as though dating life has to come to a complete halt, that isn’t necessarily true, particularly as things slowly begin to reopen.

First, be safe out there — dating isn’t worth dying for

Before I go any further, this article isn’t a green light to go back to regular dating life. The world is a different place right now and we have to act accordingly.

California has been categorized “...as a third-tier state that needs to take action, rather than a mid-tier state that’s “getting there.” That means we still have a long way to go.

I’m not here to preach or lecture, just be smart about your choices and check up on the latest Safer at Home orders before you head out.

The challenges facing singles in LA

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get into some of those challenges you’re going to face and some simple alternatives. As for meeting people, online dating is your only zero-risk option right now.

If you haven’t already, it might be time to choose one of the many dating apps or websites out there and set up a profile. One of the biggest advantages of online dating is how easy it is to find exactly what you want from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to meet single BBW’s around town, someone older, or any other type of relationship under the sun you can find it online.

Bars, clubs and restaurants are closed

Like many of us, I tend to use bars as a go-to for most of my first dates. They’re also a great place to meet people. The safe, social environment mixed with a little alcohol as a social lubricant makes for a pretty ideal place to meet.

With the current state of things, all bars, clubs and restaurants are no-go zones, which certainly makes things tough, huh?

If you want to head out for a low-key, socially distanced date, you still have some options. Either go do something physical like a walk or run, or head to your local park.

As curbside pickup continues to get easier, you can still support those local businesses by ordering food to pick up and heading somewhere that isn’t too busy. Bring a blanket, get comfortable and make a day of it if things are going well.

Obviously I’d never outwardly condone anything illegal. But if you happen to have some wine or vodka in that flask too, I can’t stop you!

All major events and venues are out

LA (usually) keeps a busy social calendar, so there’s never a shortage of events to go to year-round. Whether you’re looking to meet someone new or trying to find a fun date idea, sporting events, concerts, etc. are a great option too. Plus, you’ll usually have a shared interest in whatever you’re there to see.

Since these are all canceled for the time being, they’re out too. Frustrating but totally understandable.

My suggestion? Get out there and do the real thing. If you’d normally head down the Staples Center to watch that Lakers game, go find an empty court and play some ball instead. Take some food and drinks as well so you can chill somewhere afterwards.

Likewise, if you’re a movie buff who enjoys the cinemas, you might have to settle for Netflix. Depending on the current state of those Safer at Home orders, you can even set up a Skype or Zoom date. Choose a movie and watch it “together” without the virus risk!

Interestingly enough, you may start to see some of your favorite events come up with alternatives soon too. Things like drive-in concerts are potentially on the cards, so who knows what else will be developed.

Big parties are a no-go

All you party animals are really struggling right now too, huh? I love a good house party and look forward to those happening again. But for now, that option is out.

The thing is, fun as they are, not all parties have to be wild. For the time being, having a low key barbecue with one or two friends at a safe distance is a reasonable substitute. Drinks, burgers, sunshine and music — hardly the worst way to spend an afternoon, right?

Besides, there’s still the chance to meet someone new in small groups like this as well. I did it just the other day. None of the usual touching, but we did exchange numbers and we stay in contact that way for now.

It’s all about getting creative and using what you can, safely.

Some people are freaking out right now and that’s okay

For a host of reasons, some people are really freaking out during this pandemic and we have to just accept that. We aren’t about to change their minds or where they get their news from, frustrating as it may be for some of us.

In some cases, this might be another challenge you have to face in the short term. Rather than allowing yourself to get annoyed, try to think more long term.

If you’re into someone but they don’t want to leave the house, that’s hardly unreasonable right now. Just maintain contact in other, non-literal ways and wait for things to start opening back up.

Whatever the case for them, one thing is a certainty: If you allow yourself to get frustrated with them, the only thing you’ll achieve is pushing them away.

Physical contact will be much harder to come by

Leading on from the previous point, the physical contact that usually comes with dating will be (and should be) limited. It’s important to remember this if you do go on a date or two. If you go to touch them and they pull away, this may have nothing to do with you at all.

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