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Roses are red. Violets are blue. But is it possible to find your true love too – online? For one couple, it worked successfully. Lisa Speckhard Pasque met her husband, Dan on the app “Coffee Meets Bagel.” 

“I just kind of decided I wasn’t meeting people in my actual, every day life in grad school or at work or people in the community,”  It was out of desperation,” Speckhard Pasque said. 

Dan Fifield met his wife in a unique way – through a round of the game “Farkle” on Facebook. 

“I beat her the first game, we played another one, I beat her that one as well, it’s the only game I’ve ever beat her at in the 8 years I’ve been married,” Fifield said. “I sent her a friend request, the rest is history.”

He never expected to meet his wife online – but he believes apps and technology have hurt courtship. 

“I think that there’s way too much opportunity to not tell the truth in online dating services, I think there’s a lot of opportunity, for “bait and switch,” Fifield said. “Tell someone you’re something that you’re not until they meet you.”

But others believe there’s legitimacy to finding love online. 

“If you really are I want a relationship from this, you can put up the right filters, use the dating apps more geared toward that,” Speckhard Pasque said. 

Regardless of how you find “your person” – everyone agrees – attaining love is worth it. 

“You are the single best part of my life,” Dan Pasque said. “And you have been the past four years, I’m sure I would be happy in the world without you but I know I am happier in a completely different way.”

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