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Dating on the Internet is becoming more and more popular every year. We have started to communicate less in real life due to lack of time, and sometimes simply because of our own laziness. Sometimes we don’t want to take care of ourselves in order to look attractive. And it is not always easy to organize a long-distance trip to a person who does not live in our area.

And anyway, the generally accepted methods of dating: in cafés, on the street, in the subway, in shops and other public places are no longer relevant. But the world wide web is totally a different matter. Today, it has entangled not only young people in its net but also the older generation. So, how do these 2 ways of dating differ, what are the pros and cons for each of them. We’ll talk about this today.

Pros and cons of online Dating

What makes dating sites attractive? Well, at least there is always the possibility of posting information about your identity and anonymous communication. If you wish, you can indicate your weight, height, social status, character traits and hobbies in your profile

If you don’t want to talk too much about yourself, you don’t have to. You can chat for your own pleasure or just send text messages, without giving any details about yourself. Following are the advantages of such type of Internet sites:

  1.  You don’t have to answer the other person immediately. There is always time to think carefully before answering.
  2.  The absence of any obligations to acquaintances. If you are, for example, an introvert, and you have a desire to share your thoughts with someone, then communication via the Internet is just what you need. After all, those people around you in everyday life who are constantly near you, can not always be good conversationalists.
  3.  A wide circle of communication always gives some new impressions, sometimes a lot of useful information and a certain amount of experience. You will find yourself benefiting from such type of communication anyway. This is an opportunity to listen to opinions that are fundamentally different from yours, and much more.
  4.  You need not worry about your appearance, at least, until you agree to meet your new friend in real life.
  5.  You can log off from the Internet at any time. Even if someone is offended by this, it doesn’t matter, you may never see them again at all. And he won’t have the opportunity to air his grievances to you about this.

The disadvantages of dating on the Internet can be the high probability that some pervert or a fraudster may well hide behind the appearance of a decent person. After all, it is absolutely impossible to guess who exactly is on the other side of the monitor. But this is what protects you reliably from all sorts of harassment. However, you must carefully choose your social circle, even here.

Pros and cons of real-life dating

Communication via the Internet gives an opportunity to quickly get acquainted with any person. But it is the simplicity of this process that relaxes people up to some extent. They become unfocused, no longer so interested to communicate with the same partner and want to quickly move to another.

But what happens in real life? And how is real dating compatible with virtual dating? Let’s figure it out together. Well, let’s start with the advantages of real-life communication. And here are the 2 most important ones right in front of you:

  1.  In real life, you can immediately see what a person is like. You can immediately evaluate his appearance and decide whether you like him or not purely by sight. On the Internet, only a photo can get you some rough ideas about him. On the other hand, online video-chats are also a kind of visual perception of a person. So, we might say: such type of communication is the closest alternative to a live one.
  2.  In-person, you have the ability of tactile interactions, which quickly brings you closer to a stranger and makes the conversation more open and sincere. The net doesn’t provide such an opportunity. Unless maybe just to touch the monitor screen, where the browser opens a photo of your chat partner.

There are still a lot of advantages of real dating, but they are so obvious and well-known that it probably doesn’t make sense to continue. Let’s take a closer look at their main drawbacks:

  1.  With real dating, you almost always need to look for some cozy place to meet during cold weather. Whereas, if you are dating on the Internet, you are always on the other side of the screen in a cozy chair and won’t have any tension or anxiety.
  2.  Men would need to spend money on flowers, surprises, and gifts, which they would never have to do in virtual dating. And women would need to make themselves presentable, and this would incur costs at the hairdresser’s and beauty salons

But even after studying in detail the pros and cons of different ways of dating, you might ask: but which place is better to get to know each other? The choice is up to you! Judge for yourself what suits you best. Internet, of course, completely removes all boundaries — for example, this is a site. Here you can even get acquainted with famous people, which in real life is near nigh impossible. But at the same time, of course, don’t forget about real live face-to-face meetings. They could add more colors and impressions to your life.

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