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Dating is hard enough without the consistent threat of a global pandemic: add that in and the playing field gets even more complicated. Dating and hook-up culture is always interesting, but with “cuffing season” upon us, many are feeling the combined pressures of finding someone to curl up with during the winter, while also keeping safe from a rising number of cases of COVID-19.

There are a number of useful apps available in 2020: and thank goodness for that. We can judge people solely based on looks and while this can be intimidating for many, it is fun, admittedly. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are all very active sites, perfect for post-secondary students looking for a bit of social relief. But with our newfound pandemic-culture, is dating on their minds or is swiping left and right just a time killer?

A third-year Lakehead student weighs in and says that “dating is harder: how am I supposed to make a connection with half my face? The apps are cool but what are the chances that two people want to meet up during a pandemic? They don’t know where I’ve been and I don’t their deal.”  This seems to be a common sentiment among students. 

Ghosting is also just as common as ever: many people just stop talking because meeting up is not always an option.

When asked about online dating, first-year teacher’s college student Liam Sills started off strong, stating that “I am talking to a non-binary person who appreciates my ungodly amount of DVDs”. He adds that “it’s okay. Haven’t actually been meeting anyone, but that mainly because of my commitment issues and lack of social skills.” 

In a poll taken through Tinder, 9/30 people said they would be willing to go on a mask-less date if they were from the same area. 21/30 people said they would be willing to go on a social distance date if the match were attractive enough and the texting kept their attention. Additionally, 5/30 people admitted to blind hookups during the beginning of the pandemic. Clearly, dating options are open for many (based on the comfort level of both parties).

In Simcoe County and in Thunder Bay, most usual date locations (such as mini-golf, movies, and restaurants) are open as of November 2020. However, masks are mandatory in indoor public spaces, so be mindful to always have a mask or two handy!

Warning: If using these apps at the Orillia campus using Lakehead Wi-Fi, your location will be set to Thunder Bay based on the IP address! If you’re interested in meeting people from that campus or you’re heading there for graduate work, this might be a great time to chat with people from the area. 

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