#onlinedating | This guy’s online romance with a fake girlfriend scammer has won the internet | #bumble | #tinder | #pof

It all started with a tweet.

We’ve all received them, haven’t we? Those shady DMs from accounts which seem too good to be true. But @nickturani took things a step further when he tweeted a hilarious screengrab from a conversation with a “girl” he’d met online. 

The message quickly went viral when people noticed that a Shutterstock watermark was clearly visible on the girl’s contact image.

Not only that, but the questions the “girl” was asking seem to be very similar to security questions, so it seems very like he’s being scammed.

The “girl” eventually responded with a heartfelt message, before insisting shes a model with Shutterstock, but people weren’t convinced…

The mystery continues… But if the?re?’s e?ve?r be?e?n a moral to a story, it’s *do not give? your pe?rsonal de?tails out to strange?rs*.

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