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Tinder wants to introd­uce new featur­es to make user experi­ence more intera­ctive on the platfo­rm


Online dating platform Tinder is now testing a new interactive video feature in the form of live trivia, reports The Verge.

The feature has been designed to help Tinder experiment with live video and matching up people at the same time. The test will be conducted on a few selected users.

There is no specific time period for when the trivia will show up and the game’s mechanic could often change.

PHOTO: Tinder

The game will most likely be between a group of people who can broadcast live.

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“Similar to our first digital shared experience offered on Tinder, Swipe Night, we plan to bring more of these activities to Tinder in the future,” says the company says.

“However, these concepts are only a test and may never launch. We look forward to providing more information when it’s available.”

Tinder previously introduced Swipe Night, which was a limited-run, weekly video series in the app that sent daters through a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure-style ’storyline.

According to Tinder “millions” of people tuned in to the first season and increased matches by 26 per cent and conversations on the app by 12 per cent.

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The concept was an instant hit which is why it was renewed for season 2 but production was halted due to coronavirus lockdown.

With the launch of the trivia feature, people may have a more interactive way to connect rather than just messaging.

This article originally published on The Verge.

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