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Sadistic killer Joanna Dennehy is reportedly dating a fellow lifer after falling for an inmate at her maximum security prison.

Dennehy brutally stabbed three men to death within a chilling 10-day murder spree in 2013.

Driven by a “lust for blood” she then dumped the bodies in ditches around Peterborough with two accomplices.

It was claimed at the time of her trial that even her defence barrister was terrified of her.

Now, according to The Sun, she is dating another murderer behind bars.

Evil Joanna Dennehy is “not someone to be messed with”

Dennehy has fallen for 25-year-old Emma Aitken, who is also serving a life sentence for taking the life of a man seven years ago.

She was jailed alongside her dad Vincent Aitken, 44, and boyfriend Nathan Doherty, 27, in 2013 after Barry Smith’s beaten and burnt body was discovered outside Kilburn Welfare Social Club.

The twisted pair have “bought embroidered cushions with each others’ names on as gifts”.

They are being held at Low Newton Prison, Co Durham.

She and fellow killer Emma Aitken are said to have got together

A source said: “The jail has been on virtually ­permanent lockdown, but Joanna has been going out to do her laundry and going to the kitchen with Emma.

“They make cheesecake and trifles while other ­people are locked away in their cells. Other inmates are scared of Joanna because of her crime and her attitude. She is not someone to be messed with.”

Evil Dennehy first killed her house mate, Lukasz Slaboszewski, on March 19, 2013.

Then 10 days later she butchered her second house mare, John Chapman, anda third man, Kevin Lee.

Kevin Lee was dressed in a black sequined dress before Dennehy dumped his corpse.

Dennehy killed to “satisfy her lust for blood”

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Her appalling crimes became known as the Peterborough Ditch Murders and even after her killing spree, Dennehy didn’t stop her violence.

She attacked two random dog walkers, stabbing one 30 times, before she was finally taken into custody.

But before Dennehy murdered her three victims, she had been terrifying other mums in the playground while on the school run.

Her former partner and father of her children, John Treanor, told QuestRed’s The Killer In My Family that she had always been “jealous and abusive”, especially to other mums.

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