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Francesca Annis has never failed to amaze the audience since her first debut. And has been thoroughly active in her acting career till date.

Francesca Annis Talks About Online Dating

The 75 year old actress is well known for her phenomenal acting skills as well has her bold and progressive nature. She has always done full justice to the roles given to her. And she has maintained that till date.

Francesca Annis
Source: Daily Mail

So recently she opened up about what she thinks about the modern hook-up culture! And also openly spoke about her views on onlie dating. Annis revealed that she is very much aware of the online dating trend of today and she revealed that she is very much okay with it. Moreover she also said that it is not only the youngsters who are into hookups and online dating.

But even older people also tend to find partners online. Therefore Annis stated that there is nothing wrong with it and she is very much open to online dating. Moreover she shared about how she witnessed many people of her age were actually successful in finding their partners online.

Thus Annis clarified that it is that connection and the vibe which matters and not the platform through which you connect with. So she tried to speak against norms set by the society that it is bizarre if an elderly person seeks for love online.

Her Journey As An Actress

The actress started her career when she was barely 16. Although her debut movie was The Cat Gang in 1959 but she rose to fame with Cleopatra in 1963. And has never looked back since then.

Annis has always mesmerized the audience with her graceful looks and great acting skills. Therefore she bagged pivotal roles in films like Krull, The Pleasure Girl, Penny Gold, Macbeth, Dune and many more. Apart from films she also acted in several popular televison series and dramas.

Francesca Annis
Source: Daily Mail

Out of which the most popular ones are Danger Man, Probation Officer, ITV Play of the week, The Human Jungle, The Saint, just to name a few. As an actress she never refused any role because she always believed in the fact that work is worship.

Therefore she went on starring in multiple films as well as television series. And she is actually unstoppable because she has not stopped working even now.

She returned on the screen with a new series titled Flesh and Blood. It was a four episode mini crime series and Annis played a pivotal character in the show. Even at this age she didn’t fail to impress the audience with her antics.

The show was well received by the audience and of course Annis got a special mention for her phenomenal role. Moreover there are speculations that Flesh and Blood will return with a new season .

But nothing has been confirmed as of now. One thing is for sure that the audience is really anticipating another season. We all want to see Francesca Annis rocking the screen once again, don’t we?

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