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Kevin Douglas Hill being sentenced in the Wellington District Court for drugging and raping a woman. Photo / Melissa Nightingale

Content warning: This article references sexual assault. Helplines can be found at the bottom of the page.

A Wellington man who helped his house guest inject drugs, then raped her while she was incapacitated by their effects, has been jailed.

Kevin Douglas Hill, 64, appeared in the Wellington District Court on Wednesday for sentencing after being found guilty of three charges of administering meth, and three counts of sexual violation. He pleaded guilty to charges of possessing drugs for supply.

According to a summary of facts, Hill met the woman through an online dating app called Badoo.

The pair exchanged messages about drug use, and Hill then paid for the victim to travel from Auckland to Wellington to spend the weekend with him.

After picking her up from the airport, Hill took her back to his home, where he injected what she believed to be methamphetamine into her arm, with her consent.

Hill tried to touch the victim’s leg, but she rebuffed his advances. He asked her to take a shower with him, but she declined. He then took a shower alone, but left the door open so the victim could see him.

Over the evening, he injected her twice more, once with a combination of what she understood to be meth and cocaine.

After the third injection the victim began to feel paralysed. Blood samples that were later taken revealed she had had a significant quantity of Tramadol in her system.

After the third injection, Hill took the victim’s clothes off and began to sexually assault her as she told him to stop and tried to push him away.

“The victim told the defendant that she wanted to go home. The defendant replied that he wanted her to stay there,” the summary said.

He then continued to move her into different positions and rape her, as she “remained unable to stop him due to the effect of the drugs”.

He raped and sexually assaulted her multiple times before lying down beside her and going to sleep.

When the effect of the drugs began to wear off, the victim got dressed and fled from the house, leaving her possessions behind.

A search warrant later carried out at Hill’s home uncovered MDMA, meth, and cannabis.

Police also found drug paraphernalia and lists of what appeared to be customers and amounts owing for drugs.

When he was arrested, a point bag containing what was believed to be LSD was found in his wallet. He also had more than $6000 in cash on him at the time.

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In a victim impact statement, the woman said the attack took away her dignity and ability to trust men.

She became suicidal and started self-harming because she believed she deserved to feel pain.

She isolated herself in her home and lost friendships, she said.

“I hope he doesn’t harm others,” she said.

In court, defence lawyer Gary Turkington said the offending was a “drug-fuelled adventure willingly expected by both complainant and defendant, which has gone sadly wrong, especially from the defendant’s point of view”.

He said the allegation the victim had been given Tramadol was disputed.

Judge Jan Kelly said she was satisfied the jury believed Hill gave the victim Tramadol without her knowledge.

She said Hill regarded himself as “hard done by” and continued to “staunchly” claim his innocence.

But she found the offending was planned and premeditated.

“Once the victim made it clear she was not interested in any sexual activity, you injected her with tramadol to facilitate your offending.”

Judge Kelly made an order for the cash found on Hill to be forfeited to the Crown and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

Where to get help

• If it’s an emergency and you feel that you or someone else is at risk, call 111.
• If you’ve ever experienced sexual assault or abuse and need to talk to someone call the confidential crisis helpline Safe to Talk on: 0800 044 334 or text 4334. (available 24/7)
• Male Survivors Aotearoa offers a range of confidential support at centres across New Zealand – find your closest one here.
• Mosaic – Tiaki Tangata: 0800 94 22 94 (available 11am – 8pm)
• If you have been abused, remember it’s not your fault.
• Wellington HELP has a 24/7 helpline for people who need to speak to someone immediately. You can call 04 801 6655 and push 0 at the menu.

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