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To dream about online dating all depends on your romantic status in your waking life. 

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If you are already with someone and you were dreaming of online dating- perhaps you are unhappy in your current relationship. 

If you have been thinking of ending your relationship, this could be why you dreamed of finding another romantic option, because your mind has wandered in this direction during the day. Only you know if this is the right path to go down. 

Perhaps there are issues in your relationship that are temporary glitches and can be resolved with little effort. If this sounds familiar, the dream could be a warning to you to solve these before you have to use an online dating app out of necessity rather than choice. 

If you are single, you may have been tempted by online dating, and this could be the push you need to put this in motion. 

Perhaps you could sign up to an online dating site and see how you feel about it once you’ve made a few connections. You won’t really know if it’s for you until you have tried it. 

If you are single and currently partiake in online dating, perhaps you have become disheartened by the process lately, especially given the challenges that singles have had to face as a result of the pandemic. 

The dream could be urging you to carry on, and not to let it get you down. Everyone has to come into contact with people they are incompatible with in order to whittle their criteria down to what they really want in a partner. 

While disappointments may seem like a waste of your time, they actually serve a vital part of the process in figuring out what sort of person excites and challenges you. 

Finally, if you were online dating and you found a successful match, this could be a good indicator that you have more confidence in the process than you did at the beginning. 

Consider the date aspect of the dream. Is there a particular date that is important to you? Perhaps this date pertains to your romantic life? 

It’s possible you have a date lined up and the person you are meeting is the result of online dating. If you are excited to meet a potential future partner, this could be why this topic filtered through into your dreamscape. 

On the other hand, the date might reflect one you celebrate with a current lover such as an anniversary or one you remember from a past relationship- the day you met or broke up for example. 

Dreaming about online dating might also be concerned with how connected you feel to someone in your waking hours. Perhaps you feel a strong connection with someone in a romantic sense or maybe you simply feel a bond with someone platonically. Do you need to let the other person know how you feel?

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