#onlinedating | What Share Of Online Dating Users Is ‘Investing in Love’?


This chart shows the share of adult population using online dating services in 2019. Photo: Statista/IBT The online dating game got more crowded today when Facebook launched its dating service in the U.S. The country has a large percentage of adults who are online daters and a large share of paying online dating users compared to other countries.

According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, the country beating the U.S. at the dating game is China. The country has a larger share than the U.S. of adults (16 and over) “investing in love” by paying for online dating, as well as the largest share of adults using online dating services in total. This includes online dating agencies, online dating sites and casual dating sites. The U.S., which was on top of a previous ranking, is now in the number two spot.

European countries were slower to adopt online dating, with Austria displaying one of the lowest rankings. Here, only 6 percent of adults said they were using online dating, and only 1 percent said they were paying for a service. Italians also seem to get along fine without the help of online dating, with 7 percent of adults saying they were using it.

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