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Dating at work has become rare. Why? With the job market so precarious and with workplace harassment under the microscope, many young people see dating a colleague as a risk they are not willing to take.

1. The #MeToo movement has driven a reluctance to get romantically involved with colleagues.

The generation known as Gen Z, whose oldest members are 23, entered the workforce almost entirely after the #MeToo reckoning, setting expectations before any habits were created, and warding them off from any kind of office entanglements before they even had a chance to begin. Companies have also adopted policies such as disclosure requirements and so-called “love contracts” between romantically involved co-workers who can pledge not to do things like engage in PDA at the office. These kinds of requirements further discourage any romantic entanglements at the office.

2. Young people don’t think dating at the office is worth the risk in the current job market.

Since the employment market is precarious at the moment, some young people don’t want to do anything to risk losing a job. Millennials and Gen Zers have seen their careers violently buffeted by forces such as the 2007-09 recession and the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Remote work life makes it more difficult to meet coworkers in person.

The kinds of in-person interactions that may have led to an office romance have been significantly reduced since many jobs have gone fully or partially remote during the pandemic. This decreases the chances of dating anyone at work. Now that people are spending a lot more time at home in quarantine and are getting more comfortable with the idea of meeting people online, they are also more likely to look for potential partners on online dating apps than in the office.

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